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A Female Controlled Relationship has been around a long time. But over the last 20 years we have seen a rapid increase in the amount of couples that prefer this style of relationship. In fact in Western countries more Women are now in full control of the relationship then men.

There are many reasons why a couple may want a Female controlled relationship and those reasons may vary with each couple. Talk to any couple and they will all give you a different answer, yet the basics are always there.

It has often been said that Dominant women will seek put submissive men. Or in many cases they will seek out dominant men and train them to be submissive and obedient. In a Female controlled relationship it may be that both are seeking this type of relationship even before they meet.

Submissive men have long sort out Women they can serve and obey. The submissive often lets the Woman know early on they are willing to serve and obey under her strict control.

It should be noted that submissive men are often Dominant with other people, but submissive and obedient to a Woman in a Female controlled relationship.

A Female controlled relationship will mean different things to different couples but the same dynamics are always there. Some Women expect a much higher rate of control then other Women. Some men are more submissive then other men. It is a good idea to talk early about this type of relationship and be open about your wants and needs in such a relationship.

Often the woman will set a series of rules and regulations for the man to follow. It is sometimes a good idea for the rules to be written down and posted on the wall.

The control of the finances is another important issue in a Female controlled relationship and often the Woman will have full control over the finances and the earnings of the male. However, in some Female controlled relationships the finances are jointly under the control of both partners. It will be a matter for each couple to come to an agreement on this early in the relationship.

Generally the domestic chores become the role of the man. He will be required to do all the house cleaning and chores. That may involve washing and ironing the clothes, doing the dishes, cleaning the toilet and bath, and other cleaning in the house. The woman may set out a roster of weekly chores for the man to do each week.

Another area of the relationship may have to do with social activities. The Female will often be the sole decider of all social activities. For example, if going to watch the movies the Female will decide what movie to watch, what seat to sit in and what snacks to eat and drink.

Discipline is another important part of the Female controlled relationship. For some couples the Female may administer verbal discipline. But other Women may also use physical discipline as part of the training. Obedience on the part of the male is the foundation of such a relationship. Different women will have different expectations on how obedient the man should become. Any breach of obedience is often met with very strict discipline.

As more couples engage and embrace a Female controlled relationship they are understanding the positives of such a relationship. Other couples who observe this are also moving towards a Female controlled relationship. For those that are interested it is a good idea to join a local community or online community to talk with other couples involved in such a relationship.

Advantages of a Wife Controlled Marriage.

There are many advantages for a relationship when the wife of the house is leading in the marriage. Some of these advantages include ample time to plan and think about where the family is headed. The Dominant Wife will always make sure that what needs to be done in their homes is done at the right time. Since she is already aware of all the work that needs to be done in order to keep her house running she always ensures that jobs are done well. Women are good at juggling lots of tasks at once, unlike men who are always focused on a particular task. In a wife led marriage, the wife decides what is important for her man to do at any given time and after the wife has ordered the work to be done, she always ensures that it is done in the right manner. The Wife should be strict when controlling Her family. When the wife comes to a disagreement with her husband, there is a need to discipline the man. If a guy fails to clean up the rooms as ordered by his wife, he should not be surprised if his wife punishes him. Recent research proved that the majority of men who want a wife led marriage have the need for their wife to control their lives. In our modern world, many women are out earning their way on their own. A Wife led marriage ensures the streamline making of decisions by the wife. It empowers the wife in making decisions and it brings order and predictability to the marriage. It solves issues that the couple may have. A wife who is leading in a marriage always assesses her own failures and strengths in an honest manner. Many wives have the final word in decision making since many Women are great leaders with or without the training. Training cannot make a man be a good leader. A Wife led marriage is where the wife makes decision for the whole family including the husband in a balanced approach that both the wife and her husband have agreed upon to be their lifestyle. Women involved in a Wife led marriage know how to control the outcome even when things go wrong and they are never terrified of any failure. If the wife and her husband are very honest to each other, they will both agree that the wife is the best equipped person to fulfill the role of a leader in the house. A Wife led marriage means that the wife will be responsible for all major decisions in the household. A Wife led marriage helps the men to get over their current socialization.

Women seeking men for a
Female Led Relationship

A Wife controlled marriage may have several levels. In some cases, men allow their wives to make major decisions but they participate without being totally passive. In other cases, women completely dominate a relationship making all major decisions and men are totally submissive. Ask yourself, is this type of relationship for you? A Female Controlled Relationship is a question of choice. Most of the men are happy that their spouse will handle all financial and emotional decisions. Secondly, it also depends on personality and attitude of your spouse. In some cases, wives enjoy responsibilities while others find it difficult to handle such pressure. Let us discuss some possible advantages and Positives of a Female Controlled Relationship.

Every man can make his life happy with a Female Controlled Relationship. Men love to enjoy fantasies. If you are able to fulfill this fantasy as a couple, he would never look for women elsewhere.

Men have their own responsibilities and are often stressed with their professional life. They will enjoy their life better when home responsibilities are controlled by the woman. A Female Controlled Relationship also helps to bring a couple closer together in their relationship.

A Female Controlled Relationship develops a feeling of equality between partners. It leads to mutual trust, respect and love for each other.

A Female Controlled Relationship can also act as a stress reliever for the man. At the end of day, when your husband is feeling stressed, the Wife can keep him busy with chores around the house.

It may be said that men have strong sexual desires as compared to women. Try to give them maximum sex pleasure and dominate the sexual relationship with your husband. Make your relationship stronger through domination and control. Never let your man go somewhere else except with you. It will make your relationship even better and stronger with the right approach and control. Couples who can overcome their vulnerabilities together will grow stronger together.

Trust is the most important aspect for a Female Controlled Relationship. The man must trust the Female wife completely with all aspects and responsibilities in the relationship. Let her enjoy being in control of the relationship and remember to appreciate her for being in control.

There are many submissive men that are in search of a dominant woman to marry. There are also many dominant women in search of obedient submissive men. The hard part is for submissive men to find this type of woman. But for some they have already found a dominant woman and are ready to make a commitment to a life of serving and obeying Her. Marrying a dominant woman is the dream of many submissive men in life. Often it is a result of a long path of serving and obeying before it reaches the point of marriage. Marrying a dominant woman takes a lot of commitment from both. A dominant woman will have very high needs, wants and expectations of her future submissive husband. Training of the submissive will take place both before and after the marriage. Often a contract might be signed before the marriage. The contract outlines the role and duties of the future submissive husband.

A Total Power Exchange Relationship is something that is common within the Domination and submission lifestyle and a Female Controlled Relationship. It most often refers to a Woman who is the Dominant partner in the relationship and the man who is submissive. Sometimes this type of power exchange is agreed on early in the relationship or at other times it develops slowly over a period of time. It is often that submissive men will seek out Dominant Women. In such a relationship the submissive turns over full power and authority to the dominant partner. In some relationships involving power exchange there may be a written contract on this in advance. The Dominant will often micro-manage the life of the submissive partner. A submissive may also sometimes be called a bottom. A Dominant is sometimes called a Top. The relationship will revolve around the wants and needs of the Dominant. A Total Power Exchange Relationship usually takes place in a long term relationship but at times may be short term. Sometimes the power exchange only takes place in private but in other relationships it is both private and public. If you are thinking to enter this type of relationship make sure to take your time and talk things through first.

Female led relationships are one of the more misunderstood types of relationships. People speak out against it without fully understanding what it is and why it works. The fact is that a female led relationship is a consensual relationship, accepted and agreed upon by both partners. The misconception is that men are pushed into this relationship and nothing could be further from the truth.

Like all relationships, female led relationships should be healthy, happy and long lasting. As in any relationship, if one person abuses their power, the relationship will be a bad one. Women and men who enter a female led relationship do so with the intention of having a positive and long lasting relationship with each other. No woman would force a man to have a female led relationship against his will because it simply would not work. Men who are in female led relationships do so willingly so with that misconception out of the way, let us take a closer look at why a woman would want a female led relationship.

A female led relationship is where the female takes the majority of the control in the relationship for both domestic aspects and in the bedroom. There are different levels of a female led relationship ranging from low level of control by the female to extreme control of all aspects of the relationship. Which level a relationship ends up being fully depends on the couple because they decide together what the amount of control the woman will have in their relationship.

The exact dynamics change from couple to couple. There is no set of rules that governs what a female led relationship is because it is worked out between the couple themselves. Whichever level of control that the woman has, the man fully agrees to it. There is no pressure because the man has agreed. Relationships require full consent and participation on both sides to agree, and that means that the woman has to agree to have authority over certain elements of the relationship and has to act accordingly.
Dominant Woman

As a woman, there are many benefits towards being in a female led relationship. Keep in mind that some men ask their partners to take control and for some women, they might be hesitant. For somebody who is curious but unsure about what the benefits and advantages would be to enter into a female led relationship.

A female led relationship leads to a better love life. Any relationship, new or otherwise is grounded in having a healthy love life. A relationship without any intimacy often will end up failing because love is more than just pleasure; it helps two people form a connection that helps bond them together in the relationship. Men typically take control in the bedroom because society has deemed that that is how it shall be.

A female led relationship casts aside the assigned gender roles given by society and it creates a different relationship. For many men and women, this is new and exciting. The advantage of a female led relationship is that you no longer need to stay silent and your needs and desires will be fulfilled. Your partner will see how much better you respond and since men are highly visual, the more aroused you are, the more aroused he will be. In the bedroom, a female led relationship is both thrilling and satisfying for a woman.

Entering into a female led relationship is empowering. This is not to say that it should end up as a power trip but rather a solid feeling of where your place in the relationship is and it actually helps to build a better, stronger relationship between you and your partner.

In a female led relationship, because the female is taking the lead instead of the male, all issues and conflicts that are caused by male pride are erased. Men get to find out what a relationship is like as the submissive partner and when they see how well it works, your relationship will become more solid. When men experience a relationship in their new role, they get to see the other side of the coin. This helps them to understand what it is like to be the less dominate partner and this new viewpoint helps them to be more empathetic. This helps your relationship become stronger.

Changing gender roles makes both partners vulnerable because they are exploring new territory together. While exploring a female led relationship, both partners find themselves in new roles and that can be scary and exciting at the same time. Going through the learning stages of starting a female led relationship means that you will be leaning on each other to get through this. As with anything new, it can be challenging and when you overcome the challenge of starting this type of relationship, it shows that together you can get through anything.

There is equality in a female led relationship, being in any relationship means that both partners are important and that everybodyís needs are met. Female led relationships require the woman to respect her partner and to be sensitive to their desires and needs as well as her own. This is the same as with any relationship, only the roles are reversed. There is equal trust, understanding and respect on both of your parts.

You will find that you and your partner are more open with each other, with improved communication. There will be fewer arguments, less conflict and less tension between the two of you.

Female Led Relationship

Every committed relationship has a particular dynamic. A female controlled relationship certainly has many benefits and advantages in allowing the woman to function in her gifted position as the leader in the relationship. Women have naturally better listening skills than men, they are more likely to communicate, and they tend to be more efficient planners. All of these traits are imperative to leading a household. When it comes to a relationship, men tend to be more efficient at following directions from a dominant woman. Because running a home does not come with an instruction manual, women have an advantage over men for incorporating various aspects of the family structure as they make the necessary and vital decisions for the well being of the entire household unit. Women also make great family leaders because they tend to be more cautious and less risky in terms of financial decisions. Although not every couple strives to place the wife as the leader of the pack, there are obvious reasons why some women tend to be more efficient and successful as the head of the household.

Roles of Women and Men in a Female Controlled Relationship
There are many types of relationships that occur in the BDSM world, some for play, some for lifelong commitments. Each person has their own set of desires and fantasies that come along with the type of relationship they choose, and they often choose this based on the role they would like to play that feeds into their personalities. Whether Dominant or submissive, a person can consent to a relationship that allows them to live as such, giving them an outlet for their deepest desires. One common arrangement is the FLR, or Female Led Relationship. An FLR is a set of arrangements made between two consenting adults that places the woman in charge, and it allows women to play the role of the powerful Dominatrix and the man to play the role of the powerless submissive. The role of the woman in a Female Controlled Relationship is to be in charge. Some Female Controlled Relationship relationships give the woman power in the bedroom only. Other Female Controlled Relationship arrangements are more total, with the woman controlling the finances, activities, working arrangements, chores and daily habits of her male counterpart. No matter the level of control, the woman is in the position of power, making the decisions and leading her submissive man along for the ride that he so desperately enjoys. Her responsibility is to lead the relationship in the right direction, making decisions that are best for both her and her submissive. She must have a great deal of empathy and understanding to consider what is best not only for her, but for her submissive male as well, and she chooses the best plan of action. The dominant female is always in charge, and she must use her control and power to set the basis for the relationship at all times. On the contrary, submissive males must only follow. Their role is that of a devoted servant, one who caters to every whim and desire of their Mistress. Submissive males are expected to trust unconditionally and follow, no matter where the dominant female leads, whether only in the bedroom or in all aspects of life as well. He may be asked (or told forcefully) to do things he does not want, canít imagine, or is ashamed and terrified of, but he must put faith in his Mistress and do as she orders. He should also be willing to serve and pamper his Mistress, and accept punishment should he not perform his duties up to her high standards. But when he does meet her expectations, he can hope to find rewards and acceptance that can only come from true trust and devotion on this scale. When both the woman and man in a Female Led Relationship carry out their roles flawlessly, the partnership works and allows both parties to flourish. The woman is allowed to satisfy her desires to be in control, and the man is allowed to let go and release himself of responsibility. Both people crave these feelings, and they play into their personal natures in a way that brings about happiness and deep satisfaction. By playing their roles, both the man and the woman create a harmonious partnership that gives the other what they truly need and desire.

Dominant Female

Female Led Relationships are arrangements in which the female partner in the relationship, whether casual dating or marriage, is in charge completely and absolutely. She makes the rules, makes the decisions, and tackles the big problems, directing the course of the coupleís lives. She expects obedience and respect from her male partner, and she in turn takes care of him absolutely, caring for his needs and directing him towards success. This arrangement is considered to be on the fringes of society, something associated only with the BDSM world of fetishes and fantasy. But a Female Led Relationship is actually one of the most natural, most successful, allowing the woman to use her inherent superiority and strength to guide the couple in the right direction.

There are many advantages to a Female Led Relationship for the average couple, advantages that have nothing to do with fetish or kink (although there are perks there as well). Female Led Relationships can be extremely satisfying, and are often more successful than relationships led by males, simply because this arrangement is more natural for most people. Female Led Relationships lead to more happiness and harmony overall. But why exactly is that? What makes this type of arrangement more successful and more fulfilling?

Most women are naturally superior to their male counterparts, they have just had their abilities and talents suppressed by the male authorities in their lives. They have been told they are weaker, less smart, and less capable, and they have chosen to believe these lies. Women also accept that physically they are weaker, so that must mean that they are also weaker in other aspects of life as well. But this is just not true. Women who embrace their superiority and are allowed to flourish and experience life from a position of power achieve great things. They are capable of anything when allowed to accept their greatness. Women placed in positions of power rise to the challenge. Women possess a natural dominance, a natural capacity for leadership that opens up when the situation presents itself.

Female Led Relationships are successful because when women are allowed to be in control, when they are allowed to make decisions and create action plans, they succeed. As natural organizers, they can easily manage an entire household, ensuring that every chore gets done and that everyoneís needs and obligations are met. Women are also extremely empathetic and emotionally smart, allowing them to take care of problems, even before they arise. They can detect issues burning just below the surface, and they can ensure that the situation gets handled. This creates a great deal of peace and harmony in a relationship. The lives of the couple or family runs smoothly and efficiently, and this makes life more enjoyable. This is a huge advantage over male dominated relationships where the man may bumble through difficult situations or forget to take care of certain functions of running a house. With a woman in charge, things get done smoothly and efficiently, making for a peaceful environment all around.

Many men are afraid of submission outwardly, but deeply crave rules and controls inwardly. The fear comes from the unknown, and it comes from a society that tells men they need to be the leaders and dominators. But most men donít crave power. Most men donít prefer being in control. And this is because taking a role of power and dominance also means taking on a great deal of responsibility, which becomes a huge source of stress. You see it all the time. International bankers that have so many responsibilities that life becomes unbearable and they break under the weight of the stress. Even the average job responsibilities are enough to put a huge burden of stress on any man, and this stress eats away at their happiness. For men that are also in charge at home, this effect is doubled. They come home and their decisions and actions there create even more stress. Often times this leads to arguments, tension, and unbearable unhappiness. Men donít realize that the power and responsibilities they have taken on by taking a position of dominance are to blame, but more often than not, this is the source of their stress.

A Female Led Relationship allows the man to take a step back from the burdens and responsibilities of leading his relationship. He can simply follow the orders given by his wife. Yes, there might be duties for him to complete or difficult tasks for him to perform, but he can simply take care of the obligations assigned to him with little concern for where these actions are leading him. The responsibility lies with his girlfriend or wife, and itís her job to worry and stress about the bigger picture. He can simply sit back and enjoy the freedom that comes from submitting to the feminine power of his significant other. Most men that do engage in Female Led Relationships find that they experience less stress than they ever thought possible, and they finally feel free from the obligations and burdens of life.

One of the main gripes of males in traditional, male dominated relationships, is the boring love life. Many couples split up because at some point, they are no longer interested in one another. This usually happens not because the chemistry between the couple goes away, but because they no longer take the time and effort to make it new and exciting. Women in male dominated relationships often find this particularly difficult as they want to try new things, but they feel inhibited. They feel that it should be the husbandís responsibility to suggest new bedroom delights, leaving them afraid and unwilling to inject new life and new excitement into the bedroom relationship. Or they feel that if they did introduce something new and exciting, the man would be turned off because it was her idea, and she should be submissive. This leaves them accepting of the dull and boring, even when they crave more in bed.

But nearly every woman has an inner feeling that is just dying to come out. She craves the bedroom as much as any man, and she is as ready to try new things as her partner is when given the go ahead. In a Female Led Relationship, the woman knows that she has the freedom and the liberty to try anything she wants. When the bedroom activities grow old, she can introduce something new to make it exciting again without fear that her husband might be offended by her suggestion. This makes the woman uninhibited and free, and it brings out her inner goddess. And while it is a freeing experience for her, one that she truly enjoys, the man also gets to reap these benefits as she tries out all of her wildest fantasies with him. Female Led Relationships are less prone to monotony, and often are some of the hottest, most stimulating relationships out there.

Another advantage of a Female Led Relationship is the psychological stimulation that both parties enjoy. For the woman, being in charge opens up her latent abilities to lead and control, allowing her to fully use her feminine energy. This often brings her more happiness and more satisfaction. The more she is allowed to use her talents, the greater they become, and the more she truly flourishes. Women experience great happiness once they take on the leadership role at home.

For the men, they often find, once they accept that they must submit, that being submissive fills deep seeded needs. Submitting to a woman can appeal to a man on many different levels psychologically. Some men may find it helps them find that the rules and boundaries of a Female Led Relationship are comforting and profound. Not only does allowing the woman to lead reduce their stress levels, it can also fill holes in their emotional lives that were festering, holes that they were unaware how to fill. Most men that finally choose to submit will agree that once they allow themselves to make the decision to give into their natures and submit to the powerful women in their lives, they find true completeness.

Strict Female

After seeing all of these advantages of a Female Led Relationship, it can be hard to understand why there arenít more of them in todayís modern society. Female Led Relationships can lead to deep fulfillment for both parties, creating a happy and truly satisfying arrangement that is far more likely to succeed and thrive than a society approved male dominated relationship. But people are still resistant to change and scared of the unknown. Many men and women are afraid to give into their desires and shake things up.

But if men would just give this type of relationship the chance, they just might find that it is exactly what fits their deepest needs as human beings. The more this type of arrangement is brought out into the open and discussed, the more people can begin to realize that there are other ways to live besides those that are entrenched in our collective consciousness. Just because society says somethingís right, is it? Especially when the oppression of women has been around as a common theme for thousands of years. If you feel any desire to either be that dominant woman or submissive male, take the chance. Try something new. Live your life as you see fit, not the way society tells you is correct. Because you just might find that living a Female Led Relationship is the most natural, most intuitive, most fulfilling way to spend your life with your partner.

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