Thereís a new, popular trend in the community at large, women who are dating younger men. Itís the opposite of what has been the norm for many years, and it goes against the conventional wisdom that women always want older, more mature, more reliable men. But itís a growing trend, and one that shows no sign of slowing down. These women have earned the name of Cougar Women and they are proud. But why? What is it that makes so many women so interested in and attracted to younger men?

There are many reasons cougar women are attracted to younger men. One is that it makes them feel younger themselves. Even if they arenít old, every woman over the age of 30 wants to be younger again. Cougar Women want to have their IDs checked at the bar, and they want to have people exclaim that they canít possibly be the age they claim. By going out with a younger man, they can have that experience. Itís their ticket to the hip bars and clubs, the culture of the younger generation, and the ability to do things that they did in previous years. And many cougar women find this to be invigorating and exciting, and it helps them to feel vibrant and alive.

Another reason many cougar women choose younger men is because they are less experienced in bed, and therefore more malleable. Younger men are open to new ideas and new surprises in the bedroom, and they arenít stuck in their ways and habits. Cougar women can get greater satisfaction from a younger man because she can teach him, instruct him really on what to do and how to do it. Older men may not be open to this type of guidance, thinking they already know everything they need to know about the bedroom or are too focused on pleasing themselves. But a younger man is more likely to open up, try new things, and take the suggestions of Cougar women into account. He is also more likely to please her first and then worry about himself second because he recognizes her superiority and dominance.

Finally, many cougar women choose younger men because they are less mature and less stable. This might seem weird, but not all women want to settle down. A mature man with a mortgage, a car payment, a big time job, and family obligations isnít always the dream life that it appears to be. Those obligations can actually tie a couple down, limiting their ability to travel, spend time together, and be spontaneous. Some women donít want to deal with all that baggage and obligation and instead prefer a man who doesnít have such complications in their lives. Itís liberating to know that she can ask him to move cross country or go on a crazy vacation or just take a day off to play because he doesnít have nearly as many responsibilities as a stable, older man might.

Itís a growing trend for a reason, and many cougar women are discovering the joys of having a younger man in their lives. Younger men are not every womanís cup of tea, but for the adventurous woman that wants to feel young and be fully satisfied in bed, that younger man might be just the person sheís been looking for.

Conventional wisdom tells us that women and men in relationships with one another should be around the same age. Being similar in age allows the couple to share interests, desires, and life experiences, and it seems sensible that your partner should be from the same generation as yourself. This is especially considered to be true for older women, who, according to society, should be looking to date older men. But for many older women, dating a man her own age is boring and limiting, and she prefers the company of a younger man. But why? Why do older women prefer relationships with younger men?

One of the most common reasons older women date younger men is because they are more active, exciting, and social. Older women find a great deal of excitement in the company of a younger man that is still actively engaged in the local social scene and wants to be out and about for a night of partying on the town. It makes them feel younger, and it also fulfills their need to continue an active, exciting social life, something that many women lose as they age and settle down. By dating a younger man, these women can once again recapture the excitement and energetic social lives of their youth.

Many older women also enjoy being the more energetic partner in bed. Some women will even search out inexperienced, naive men that have not had many partners, and they will take them under their wings, teaching them what really pleases a women. They enjoy being in control in the bedroom, and they enjoy training these impressionable, fresh young men what to do in bed. Plus, these young, inexperienced men find these women to be extremely attractive because of their Female prowess, something older women find flattering.

One of the downsides of aging is that many women start to lose confidence as they age, and dating a younger man, especially one she can mold to worship her and treat her with deference, can be a huge boost to her ego. A younger man can make an older woman feel beautiful and vibrant once again. She may also enjoy having him slung around her arm for a night on the town, flaunting her ability to attract someone so young. He can become a status symbol for her, boosting her ego and making her feel special and valuable once again.

No matter the reason, older women are indeed attracted to younger men despite what conventional wisdom dictates, and thatís perfectly okay. Itís more than okay, itís a wonderful way for an older woman to find a relationship that fits her needs and desires, and more older women shouldnít limit themselves by only dating men their age.

Why Men Prefer A Cougar Woman

Itís something that has become increasingly more common, a younger man with an older woman. It goes against the idea that women are more mature and always want older guys that are mature as they are, or that guys only want women that are young, fresh, and as immature as they are. And weíve been told by society that men want a younger woman on their arms, right? But men dating cougar women is a trend that is building, and many couples are finding success in this scenario. Buy why? Why do men prefer a cougar woman for a relationship?

There are, of course, many reasons why a man might prefer a cougar woman for a relationship. One reason that pops up over and over again is the stability of the relationship. Despite the fact that we consider younger men to be the more immature sex, many young men crave stability, trust, and comfort in their relationships just as much, if not more than their female peers. A lot of younger men find the games that women their own age play to be annoying and uncomfortable, and they are never able to trust them to be loyal and faithful. Many men actually have commitment issues that stem from fear of rejection and fear of loss, and by dating an older woman that is mature and stable, they can more easily learn to trust her and open themselves up to the relationship. This makes for a stronger relationship that is much more deeply satisfying, and it is something that many young men truly desire.

Dominant Cougar Woman

Another common reason younger men date cougar women is because these women are more experienced. The younger men find the experience in bed to be a real treat, and they can learn and explore more freely with a cougar woman than they can with someone their own age. Many younger men also find that they can experience more exciting scenarios with cougar women because not only are the older women more experienced themselves, they are more comfortable in their prowess, bodies, and relationships. This allows for experimentation that may not happen with a woman the same immature age as a man, and these younger men are finding doors open to them that they never thought possible in real life.

Finally, many younger men date cougar women because it is a status symbol, a way to show off their own prowess and attractiveness. Any guy can get a young, bubbly, unconfident girl to date him. But to gain the attention and respect of a cougar woman, that takes some work. Itís a sort of challenge, a new experience to conquer, and younger men often find great pride in being able to please and impress a cougar woman to the point where she will shack up with him. And he, of course, is pleased to show this off to this buddies, letting them know what a stud he truly is for securing a more mature woman that is not easy to get.

When you look at the reasons younger men date a cougar women, itís hard not to imagine more men wanting this type of relationship. It makes sense, and it works for many couples. It may not always have been the societal norm, but it is quickly becoming a standard for relationships that are successful and fulfilling, and the list of younger men with cougar women just keeps on growing.

Many Couples have found true happiness in the pairing of a younger man and an older woman. Women often find themselves feeling more in control of this type of relationship, and the obvious youth of their partner makes them feel younger themselves. But what are the motivations for the younger man? Why do younger men prefer relationships with older women?

While many younger men do have some level of experience in relationships, most are still quite green. They may have experimented and fooled around a bit with girls their own age, but they havenít gotten very far. This is due to the fact that the young women these young men have hooked up with are equally as inexperienced as they are, and often young couples fumble around together, not entirely sure what to do in a serious relationship. A young man that dates an older women is immediately thrust into a whole new world of possibilities. The older woman is experienced, knows what she likes, and knows how to make a man feel good. She can teach him how to be better in bed, and she can also blow his mind with her bag of tricks learned over many years of experience. Many young men find this to be the greatest benefit of dating an older woman, and often times donít want to return to the inexperienced, immature girls they were once getting intimate with.

Many younger men also prefer the stability aspects of dating an older woman. Most older women have their lives in order. They are drama free, able to support themselves, and know what they want out of life. Younger men are drawn to this as they are still trying to figure out for themselves how best to accomplish these things. They also feel more confident in the relationship, knowing there wonít be as many ups and downs with the older woman as there would be with a younger woman. The stability is especially key for mature younger men who are ready for more commitment.

Some younger men also enjoy the more controlling, dominant natures of many older women in these types of relationships. While not necessarily a Dom and sub relationship, many older women assume a role of power when dating a younger man. She may be telling him what to do, what to wear, where to go, and how to act, and many younger men find this to be satisfying. It may even feel somewhat maternal to these boys in a way that heightens the experience and speaks to their inner desires.

Young men that do engage in relationships with older women often find them to be deeply satisfying and pleasing. They are drawn to the power and mystique of the older women, and they revel in her ability to make decisions, command his attention, and take charge in bed. And to these couples, it doesnít matter what society thinks. They know that being a couple with a younger man and an older woman is amazing, and they wouldnít have it any other way.

Dating Cougar Women
Many young men have decided that they want to date older, more experienced, more mature women. Thatís great because these women can offer greater stability with less drama, a more meaningful and more deeply connected friendship, and of course, a more open and exciting relationship that can lead to a stronger bond between partners. But before a younger guy can enjoy the benefits of this relationship, heís going to have to go out and make it happen through dating. Dating older women isn't exactly the same as dating younger women, and there are definitely things that a young guy is going to have to do differently if he wants to impress these mature ladies. But it certainly can be done, and the relationship that ensues is certainly worth the effort. So letís take a look at what young men can do to successfully get a date and keep a steady relationship going with a woman who is older and more mature.

When dating (or attempting to get a date with) an older woman, confidence is key. Women who are more mature and more experienced in life just arenít going to waste their time with younger men who donít have their act together or are unsure of themselves. This doesnít mean a guys should be brash, but if a younger approach an older woman with his head down and a voice barely above a whisper, sheís not going to give that guy her number. And once in a steady dating relationship, if she always has to take the lead because the man wonít, or if he is very reluctantly going along with what she wants, always questioning or backing out because heís scared or afraid or unsure of himself, sheís going to get turned off real fast. And while itís true that many older women date younger men because they want to be somewhat dominant and they are looking for a guy who will submit and be their pet of sorts, someone they can teach and mold and train, those women still donít want men that canít handle themselves or canít be confident enough to hold their own. So if youíre looking to date an older woman, make sure you approach her with confidence at all times. Let her lead if thatís what she wants, but make sure that no matter where she leads you, youíre ready to follow with confidence.

For guys that like drama and like playing games with girls, they should definitely stick to the girls and not bother dating older women. The thing is older women have already been there and back, gone through that phase, and come out on the other side. Most older women have no time for drama and donít want any part of the games that young people play with each otherís hearts. Guys that successfully date older women are straightforward and honest, they say what they mean, and they make sure to take care of their relationship from the very beginning. Dramatic guys or younger men that are still juvenile enough to cheat, lie, or play games should consider if they can even handle an older womanís affection and attention, and they certainly need to change their attitudes if they are ready for this kind of relationship.

While older women donít want the drama that comes along with youth, many times they do still want that youthful feeling. It may be the reason they are interested in a younger man in the first place. Guys that want to date older women should remember that while they need to remain mature enough to impress this older lady, they need to also remain free and fun and spontaneous. The more fun he can bring to the relationship, the better. He might suggest taking her on an adventure or a spontaneous vacation, or maybe he takes her out to a club that just opened and is the hippest place in town. Or maybe he just takes her to workout or to try skateboarding or to do some other active, youthful activity. Itís an important thing that a younger man can bring to this type of relationship, and it can really help the woman see just how much fun a long term partnership with a younger guy could be.

The novelty of dating an older woman can wear off pretty quickly if you donít actually have anything in common with. Many men get so excited by the prospect of dating an older lady that they rush into a relationship only to find that they donít share any hobbies, any favorite things, or any favorite activities. Even references from the past, talking about favorite movies or choosing a radio station, can be a challenge. So itís important to look for common ground from the very beginning of the relationship, and to develop and increase those areas together. So if you both like wine, make it a point to go on a tasting tour together. If you both like sport, watch the games together every Sunday. If you both love 80ís music, find a club with an 80ís night and dance the night away. This is harder for some couples than it is for others, but the more you can focus on these commonalities, the better and stronger the relationship will be.

For a younger man, dating an older woman should be fun and exciting. He shouldnít change his entire personality or change the things that he loves doing, but he does need to make sure that he is confident, free of drama, and open to the idea of finding things that can be shared by both partners. This will ensure a happy, exciting, loving relationship that is sure to last!

Dominant Cougar Women
Female Led Relationships are a category of relationship where the female partner is in control of the male partner in the relationship. She takes charge of the finances, the living situation, the daily decisions, and the encounters, and she puts her needs and wants above all else. It requires a strong female who knows what she wants and feels empowered enough to ask for it as well as a submissive man who is willing to do what it takes to please his mistress. While this situation can work with women and men of any age, something special happens when the woman is cougar and her submissive male is younger, sometimes significantly so. It creates a special dynamic that canít quite be captured any other way, and it can lead to a lifelong bond that is loving and secure and ultimately more satisfying than any other type of relationship ever could be.

A cougar woman with a younger man in a Female Led Relationship creates a special relationship because of the natural order of the coupling that is complimented by their Dominant verse submissive tendencies. In any Female Led Relationship, the woman is Dominant and works to exert her control over the man, but in this situation, itís even easier and more natural as the woman also has age, experience, and maturity on her side that reinforce her Dominant tendencies. Her age puts her a step above her partner in terms of life experience and confidence, and she can use this to her advantage. When in the presence of a younger man, her maturity shows and she quite easily slips into the role of Dominant Cougar without having to force it or work up the courage to act that way. Itís already set in motion based on the age difference she has with her partner. And this makes it easy, comfortable, comforting for her to take on the dominant cougar role completely and utterly.

Age also brings the woman in the relationship confidence and conviction. Many younger women who try a female led relationship for the first time are not sure if this is what they want. And even if they are prepared to step into the role of Mistress, they are not entirely comfortable enough with their own feminine prowess to take charge completely and utterly. This can lead to mixed messages, confused roles, and an unstable female led relationship where both parties end up being somewhat unhappy. The unconfident younger Domme may not be ready to do what it takes to run the household or dominate her husband, and this leads to problems. The dominant cougar in a female led relationship has already been through those struggles. She has made mistakes and learned from them. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly how to get it. This makes her a better Mistress by leaps and bounds, enhancing not only her experience as the Dominant partner, but the experience of her submissive male partner.

But itís not just the couhar woman who is more prepared for a female led relationship due to this age gap. A man also has an easier time accepting his role in a female led relationship when he is younger than the woman because he naturally recognizes her superiority, maturity, and innate leadership tendencies. This removes any barriers or hesitations he may have about accepting his submissive role, and he can more easily trust his Dominant partner to take the lead. He immediately defers to her will the way he would to any older figure in his life, a commander in the military, a boss at work, and elder sibling, and that makes the relationship run more smoothly. He can fully trust in her ability to take the lead and take charge of the situation, and this removes any stressors or doubts that can create tension or problems in this type of relationship.

Another reason this type of relationship works so well with a cougar woman and a younger man is that submissive men are drawn to truly powerful women that recognize their own feminine gifts. They crave the attention and the adoration of these types of powerful women, and they will do anything to get it. It just so happens, however, that younger men are often willing to do more to please the woman. They are more open minded, still fresh and capable of trying new things and pushing open new boundaries. Yes, older submissive men will still go to great lengths to obey and defer to their partners in a female led relationship, but many times, a younger submissive male will go to any extreme because he is not yet set it his ways. He still thinks he is invincible and the world is full of limitless potential, and this allows him to more easily go along with whatever it is the Domme wants out of him, creating a more stable relationship.

While a female led relationship can work with couples of any age gap or situation, there is something special that happens when a cougar woman and younger man come together to form a relationship. The natural characteristics of the age gap align with the natural Dominant and submissive tendencies of each partner, and their ages actually work to better the relationship. The more mature woman is more capable of being confident and taking the lead. The younger, more open minded man is more capable of doing what is asked of him and going well out of his comfort zone to obey and serve. And this dynamic is what makes for a perfect relationship with a dominant cougar woman, one where each person is naturally suited to their chosen roles and can trust in the other partner to hold up their end of the deal. It makes for a more loving, more trusting, more bonded, and ultimately more satisfying relationship, one that leads to an intense happiness and fulfillment for each member of the couple.

How To Seduce A Younger Man
These days, many older women are looking to men much younger than themselves to start meaningful relationships with. These younger men provide an element of excitement and surprise to the relationship, their lives and obligations are more carefree and easy, and they are often willing to be somewhat submissive and to take care of the woman in the relationship more thoroughly than an older man would. But finding and snagging a younger man can be a difficult ordeal, especially if the older woman hasn't dated in a while. She has to use her natural feminine to entice the younger man in, and she needs to be aware of some of the differences in this type of guy she wants to attract when compared to men her own age. But if she does this, getting a younger man to be her partner should be quite easy, and it can lead to a lasting, loving, exciting romantic experience for both partners.

One of the first things an older woman needs to consider when hoping to date a younger man is the generational gap. There are inevitably going to be things, references, activities, tv shows, hobbies, that donít translate from one generation to the other. The older woman needs to emphasize those things which tend to also attract younger people. This doesnít mean she has to give up her other favorite hobbies and distractions, it just means that she should concentrate on those that might lead her to a younger crowd. For example, a woman who likes both skiing and antique collecting should likely focus on skiing when trying to attract a younger man. It just opens up more possibilities to meet and interact with men of the target age range, and it will make her seem more approachable and more datable to the guy.

Older women's should also consider joining and utilizing social media channels more frequently as well. It seems frivolous, but younger men are online, and it is a huge part of their lives. Being able to communicate in that space as well as being able to relate to things that are going on online can really help an older woman appear attractive to a younger man.

Another thing older women can do to really entice a younger man into a relationship is to focus on her feminine gifts. One huge benefit of getting older is that you are no longer inhibited, your own body image, or fears of looking foolish. This means that making love often gets better and a bit wilder, and for a young man that has gone through a string of young women that wonít experiment, are shy in bed, or donít really know how to please a guy, this can be a huge advantage. Play it up. Flirt with younger men, and let it be known loud and clear that you are ready to take charge in the bedroom and share a thing or two that youíve learned in the last few years. If the older woman focuses on her younger side and the benefits of the relationship, younger men will come calling. It may take a bit of searching to find the right one, but she will find him, and they will be able to experience a powerful, exciting, and loving relationship together.

How To Spot Cougar Women
For many young men out there seeking a Cougar Woman for a date or a serious relationship it can be hard to spot which women are cougars. There is no real set definition of what a cougar woman is but generally it will be a woman that is over 30 years of age that is seeking a younger man. In some cases the cougar may only be seeking a man a few years younger but in other cases they may be seeking a man 10 or more years younger. Some cougar women have partners that are 20 or more years younger.

Cougar women are not submissive, in fact they are most often dominant in nature. In most cases the cougar will be the one to let you know she is interested. You can also be assured she will be the one that is in control. Be prepared to learn from a cougar woman as she will soon tell you what she wants and expects in a relationship.

You will often find that cougar women tend to be very well dressed and wear quality makeup and often have well defined bodies for their age. They often will have a better paying job, own a house and drive a more expensive car. It may also be that their conversation is more matured so if you are interested in a cougar try to avoid the silly talk.

Cougar women do not like to have their time wasted so its important to move fast and let them know that you are interested. Be direct and let them know you are very attracted to them. If your out in a club at night this is a favorite place for a cougar woman. They will soon let you know if they are interested and in cases they will be the one to approach you first. Cougar women are often straight to the point in their attitude and conversation.

Cougar women often go to clubs and other activities where they can hunt for younger men. They avoid places where older men hang out. Often certain clubs will cater towards the cougar woman. There are plenty of cougar women out there for young men that are interested. But the best place for any man to find a cougar lover is a dating website. These dating websites have thousands of cougar women and they provide an easy place for men to contact them and arrange a date.

Why Choose Cougar Women
Many men only date women that are their own age. Perhaps itís conventional wisdom, something theyíve never thought of before, or pressures from society, but these men are missing out on the amazing joys of dating cougar women. So letís take a look at some of the awesome benefits a man an experience when he dates cougar woman and maybe we can get some of the young guys out there to give these older ladies a look next time they're on the prowl.

Unlike younger women, older women are much more drama-free. They are confident in their bodies, their personalities and their lives, and that means they donít feel jealous of other women or feel the need to create unnecessary conflict and turmoil the way that young women do. Older women are more straightforward, and they donít play games. Younger men that date these ladies will find that itís much easier to relax and spend time with their partner without all the drama, and they can relax into their relationship from the very beginning.

Older women are more likely to be straight-talkers when it comes to their feelings for a new beau. If they like you and want to go on a first date, they will tell you. If they want to see you again, theyíll invite you out. And if they really like you, theyíre not afraid to put themselves out on the line and tell you. This is very different from younger women who are unconfident and insecure and often wonít tell men how they really feel. If you want to quit guessing if the girl youíre with likes you and just get down to business, you should try dating an older woman who is mature enough to be straightforward and tell you how she feels.

Another perk of dating an older woman is that she will most likely have her life together. She may have a job, a house, a car. She has enough money to take care of herself, and sheís not worried about paying bills day to day the way college girls usually are. Her schedule is steady, and she knows what she likes and doesnít like. Dating an older woman makes it easier to know what to expect, and you never have to worry about her asking you for money or always making you pay for dinner. She can take care of herself, and that can be a perk for a younger man.

One thing Cougar women are known for is their confidence and comfort in the bedroom. They know what it takes to get them off, and they know how to get you off. There wonít be any awkward tension or uncomfortable moments that might come from dating a younger woman that is inexperienced. Plus, a Cougar woman is typically more inclined to try new and more adventurous things in the bedroom.

Why Young Men Are Attracted To Cougar Women
In recent years it has become more and more common for younger men to date Cougar women. What was once considered abnormal or only a novelty is fast becoming the norm, and more and more young men are finding themselves inexplicably attracted to Cougar women; so much so that popular culture is starting to reflect this trend with young male characters on television and movies going after older women, songs that speak to this situation, and the appearance of endearing and respectful terms such as Ďcougarí. But what is it about Cougar women that is drawing in these young men, men that could easily be getting beautiful and sexy women their own age? Why are some young men attracted to older women?

Every young man has his own reasons for being attracted to older women, of course, but most young men will tell you that they find mature women to be just that, mature. Older women are free of the drama of youth, they know what they want and how to get it, and they have life experience that allows them to navigate any situation smoothly. This can be a huge comfort to younger men that are insecure, confused, and inexperienced, and they see these older women almost as an easier option for relationship stability than someone their own age or younger.

Many young men are drawn to these Cougar women because of their confidence and take-charge attitudes. They want someone that is going to be somewhat dominant with them (and after a little more experience, these same men might find they are looking for a Dominatrix), even if that desire is as of yet undefined. But something about the power these older women exude, power that comes from having gone through the awkward phases of youth and experiencing all the turmoil already, draws young men in and helps them to find their own power and confidence.

Of course, this confidence also extends into the bedroom. Young men might joke about wanting to be with an older, more experienced woman in the locker room, but for those that are attracted to Cougar women and end up getting serious with one find out that these jokes are nothing but truth. Older women are more open in bed, more willing to try new things like BDSM and multiple partners at the same time. And even if they arenít into kink of any sort, they are definitely more comfortable in their own skin than younger women, making love easier and more natural. Young men can learn a lot from these older women, and they can certainly have more fun in bed.

It is becoming more and more commonplace for younger men to find themselves attracted to Cougar women, and the more young men that take on this type of relationship, the more normalized it becomes. Dating an older women can be a great way for a young man to gain confidence and skill while enjoying the stability that comes from experience and maturity. And this trend can only expect to find more and more popularity going forward.

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