All men should serve as a cuckold.

For many involved in a Female led relationship their is great pleasure in cuckolding their man. Some women may seek out a cuckold for a relationship, but most women prefer the pleasure of cuckolding the man after they have been involved in a relationship for a period of time. Women say that is is better if in the beginning the man resists being a cuckold but is slowly transformed in a cuckold. Women often say they do not like the man to enjoy cuckolding. For many couples cuckolding is a normal part of a Female led relationship. If the man performs well as a cuckold it may then lead to marriage.

Many men will will work hard to be a good cuckold to impress the woman. Some men may even ask to serve as a cuckold for a woman in a Female controlled relationship. Serving as a cuckold is a great pleasure for the man. Often in a marriage a cuckold husband will be kept in chastity and denied any sexual pleasure.

Having sex is only something the wife is allowed to experience. A wife will often need train the husband on the best way he should serve as a cuckold. There is so much more to being a cuckold then just serving the wife and her lovers in bed. A cuckold husband will often be required to drive his wife to her lovers place or even chauffeur them both on their date.

The cuckold husband may even be required to buy gifts for the lovers of his wife A cuckold will be made to do the domestic chores around the house and will often be dressed as a sissy maid. A cuckold relationship is both challenging and very exciting for everyone involved.

Many women in Female Led Relationship situations control and inspire obedience of their husbands through chastity training. It can be a way for the woman to ensure that the husbandís sexual reactions and tendencies only focus on her needs, taking his own desires and stimulation out of the picture entirely. But this type of training can take many years to succeed, and during that time, the wife may find that she has needs that just cannot be met by her chaste husband, even if he is trying to meet her needs in other ways. In a situation like this, many Dominant females may take on other male lovers with the consent of her husband. But why would a man ever consent to his wife having other lovers, and what does this situation add to the Female Led Relationship?

The submissive man in a Female Led Relationship main goal is to please his wife. He does this by following her orders and always going above and beyond her expectations. Chastity training is a way for him to further his goals of pleasing her. By denying his own stimulation and pleasure, he can refocus his entire energy to what pleases his wife. But when he is practicing chastity, he may not be able to give his wife exactly what she wants. He may then choose to allow her to take on lovers to fulfill her needs, and he does this because he knows that this will please her and show his true love and devotion to her. In the long run, this will strengthen his service to his wife and prove that he is the ultimate husband. It will help to bring him closer to her emotionally, and he may be rewarded for his selflessness later when his chastity training allows for it.

For the woman, she is able to enjoy the attention and stimulation of a man while still working on his chastity. It can also be a further insult to him, a humiliating situation that is part of his obedience training. Having lovers that her husband consents to is another way for the wife to assert her dominance and control, and she may enjoy the emotions of having this type of power over her husband. But it also strengthens her bond to her husband as she realizes just how devoted to her he is. By being allowed to have these types of lovers for gratification and power, the entire marriage becomes stronger and healthier, and it can make the bonds between husband and wife stronger than any other bond.

A Dominant wife with a Female Led marriage that takes on lovers while her husband remains chaste is a distinct situation that occurs in BDSM, one that can help solidify the roles of both husband and wife, further enforce the chastity training of the man, and bring both partners closer together emotionally. The womanís needs always come first, and this situation is a way for the woman to meet her needs fully. It can be a huge positive for both parties in the marriage, strengthening the marriage and making a better relationship for everyone.

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