A Female controlled relationship is mostly stable and happy and long lasting.

But sometimes for various reasons the relationship may need to come to an end.

Often the Woman is the one to decide to end the relationship though sometimes the man will.

There are many different reasons why such a relationship may come to an end.

Often the Woman feels that the man has failed in the way that he served and obeyed. Many men are just not obedient enough and need to understand that obedience is such an important part of the relationship.

It may be that the woman has met another man who they feel is better suited to a Female led relationship.

In some cases the man may leave because he feels the Woman has not completed her role as the dominant partner in the relationship.

A lot of people enjoy being in a female led relationship because they prefer the woman to be the dominant partner. This is common, but sometimes there is a desire to end the relationship. Like any other couples, people in a female led relationship sometimes have their problems.

When there is an argument, when there are differences, and when the relationship cannot be fixed, it may be time to break up. For some people, however, that may not be so simple. If you are unsure of how to end a female led relationship, you may need some help from other couples that are involved in a Female controlled relationship.

The best way to end it is to end it cleanly. Speaking to your partner confidently and honestly is the way to go, especially since dancing around the subject can do more harm than good. You need to approach this with everything laid out in the open so that nothing is being hidden, there are no secrets, and no one is left wondering about anything. Remember, your partner is also a person with feelings and can understand how you are feeling.

If they are too obsessive or they are not the type to let go so easily, you may need to be more cautious. Individuals that feel that they own you, or that do not take break ups well, should be approached lightly. You do not want them to become aggressive or to start problems, so choose somewhere you feel is safe to talk.

This should be a place that reduces the risks of outbursts and violence as much as possible, and where you can get away from the person quickly if you think they are becoming dangerous. Put time and energy into finding the right place to cut ties with this person if you want to avoid difficulties and dangers due to their obsessive or violent nature. Once things have ended, keep it that way.

There is a reason you broke up with them and you do not want to get mixed up with those emotions again. If you decide to become friends with benefits, remember that this can be tricky. It is an especially bad idea if they were not okay with the break up. It is often a good idea to keep your distance and find another person.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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