In BDSM circles, the idea of a female led dungeon or play space is pretty common. It is an area where Dominant women can bring their submissive males for play sessions, or people new to the lifestyle can come to try out different scenarios and live their fantasies for a short while. And while this may satisfy some Dominant and submissive peopleís needs, for some this arrangement during playtime just isnít enough. They want to live in Female Led Homes, places where the women are in charge and the men must submit.

Unlike dungeons or play spaces, the obedience and servitude of the males in a Female Led Home is constant. They are required at all time to defer to the will of the women in charge, and they willingly do so as part of their deep seeded need to be dominated and controlled. This does not just relate to sexual fantasies, it encompasses all areas of life such as what the submissive males can do in their free time, what chores they will do, and when and how they will do them, if and where they work, how the money will be spent, and what the direction of the household will be. The submissive males are expected to serve the women of the home, and if they are disobedient or displease the Dommes with their performance, they can expect to be punished.

Many arrangements are possible in a Female Led Home. Some Female Led Homes have multiple monogamous Dom/Sub couples sharing a space. This gives them the freedom to live in their arrangement without fear of traditional couples that donít understand the Female Led Relationship bond. These couples can share their experiences and better themselves by having a community surrounding them that supports and encourages their lifestyle. It can lead to greater obedience and greater satisfaction in the couplings as they are open to share their lives with others.

In other Female Led Homes, there are multiple Dommes and submissives that share their partners and exist more as a co-op than a group of couples, and the numbers of women to men do not need to be even. In this arrangement, many times the submissives are transient and come and go based on the desires of the women in the home. There is typically a Head of House Domme who is in charge of making sure things run smoothly, but each Dominant female is in a position of control over all the male submissives. Their orders must be followed, even if the particular submissive male being ordered is not coupled with the Domme ordering him about. This type of arrangement appeals to Dommes and submissive males that want to experience life in their chosen role, but are not necessarily tied to a particular mate. They get the satisfaction they desire, without the permanent commitment.

No matter what the arrangement, Female Led Homes allow for people to take their desires to control or follow to the next level beyond simple play. For those that choose this lifestyle it brings joy and happiness, and the ability to be who they truly want to be at all times. It also gives them the freedom to share their experiences and lifestyles with others in the community that accept and understand them, and can make living an alternative lifestyle a more appealing choice.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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