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For a Woman that enjoys a poly relationship involving several men then a Female led relationship offers the best way of handling multiple partners.

Having several or more men to deal with can sometimes be a bit difficult in a poly relationship, especially if everyone is living in the same house.

The poly relationship may also involve cuckolding in the way the Female decides she wants the men to do that.

The Woman will decide how many are to be a part of the poly house and what the rules are for the man to follow.

Those men who fail to follow the rules may be dismissed or expelled from the poly relationship.

The Female may also control all the finances in the relationship as well.

Some poly relationships may involve only three but some Women may have as many as twenty men that serve and obey Her in a Female led Poly relationship.

Poly relationships are gaining foothold in the Western world. Many would think that such relationships arise because there is a problem with the first. However, researchers suggest that it is not so. These people are equally satisfied with their first relationship and extend the boundaries of satisfaction by opting for another addition to the family.

In many relationships, one woman has two to three, or even more male friends and she has sexual relationship with all of them. Moreover, in this type of relationship, the men perform the role of the sissies, while the woman handles all the finances and the whole household runs on her instructions. This is the basics of the Female led poly relationship.

In this relationship, the woman is the head of the relationship and naturally, every member of the household has to report to her. She handles multiple partners and decides who is more important to her and assigns the task of regular chores and other tasks to the partners. This cuckolding relationship is very common in such female led poly relationship. Although, it seems exciting handling several men in a poly relationship and guarding their jealousies, especially when all the partners are living in the same house, it is not an easy task.

The woman decides the set of rules for the men to follow and if any of the partners fails to follow these rules, the woman can expel or dismiss him from the poly relationship or she may decide to punish him. The female also controls the finances. From three to twenty or more, the female can have a variable number of partners and all of them have to serve and obey her.

The domestic chores and other household work in this relationship is a part of the manís work. He cleans the house and washes utensils and clothes, irons and cleans the toilets and the bath. It is possible that the leading lady might maintain a roster of weekly household chores for the male partners.

The same holds true when it comes to social presence. The female decides about all the social activities and participation. For example, the woman of the house decides the type of movie to watch, the place to sit in and the types of snacks to drink and eat. The woman leads the whole discipline of the house. Apart from verbal discipline, in some relationships, physical discipline is also included as part of the training.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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