Where Women control the finances.

The question of who controls the finances in a relationship is going to happen to all couples be it sooner or later. In a Female controlled relationship it is something that should be talked about and agreed at an early stage of the relationship.

In many cases there is a written contract or a binding financial agreement outlining the control of the finances and what may happen if the relationship ends.

In most cases involving a Female controlled relationship the woman will control most or all of the finances. But in other relationships there may be joint control.

The Female may for example control the salary of the male which must be given to her in full each week. Then She will give the male a small allowance that must be accounted for in detail each week. A bank account may be held in joint names or only the name of the female.

It is very important that both partners are happy with the agreement on financial control. Financial control is an important part of a Female controlled relationship and if done right in a fair and correct way it offers a lot of happiness in the relationship.

Finances and other fiscal matters can put a real strain on any relationship, and can even cause relationships to end in a number of particularly unpleasant ways, and for that reason, a good financial situation can be so beneficial for couples, no matter what your income may be. What you may be surprised to learn, is that in a number of cultures, it is actually the wife that is in charge of the finances, rather than the man. This has proven to be an extremely effective strategy for saving money and getting your finances in check, and for that reason, more and more cultures all over the world are adopting this way of life.

As women are found to be generally more organised than men, this is a great reason for a wife to be put in charge of a households finances. Women are also proven to be more patient than men. This means that if you happen to be investing your money, then letting your wife handle this side of things can be very practical indeed. Women are much calmer about day to day life and tasks than men are. That means that if something should go wrong, the car breaking down, or the washing machine breaking, then rather than drawing out all of your savings and making irrational, spur of the moment purchases with no research or background info, a woman is more likely to calmly research what the problem could be, and how to resolve it in the cheapest and most effective way possible.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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