Numerous men are beginning to realize the importance of a girlfriend led relationship, but just a few are beginning to embrace it. Some men still consider it unconventional to allow the females to take the dominant role in a relationship. While some men consider it as an expression of their love for their girlfriends, others think itís just absurd to allow her to make the rules. But the willingness and the acceptance of this dominant position by women is usually based on what the two parties have agreed on. In as much as a girlfriend led relationship may seem controversial, it does not negate the fact that it has some proven advantages.

It strengthens the relationship.
Some of the men who have embraced a girlfriend led relationship have confessed that since their girlfriends started making the majority of the decisions, their relationship have got stronger. More so, the manís natural desire to be submissive is another factor that has contributed to the success of this type of relationship. The submissive man tends to ask his girlfriend to take a more commanding role in the relationship. The man enjoys it, the girl is even happier and the relationship is stronger.

Gives room for exploration.
The voluntary nature of a girlfriend led relationship is such that it enables the partners to experiment and discover new things that will make their relationship more pleasurable. Some couples that have decided to further the exploration of a girlfriend led relationship have even developed the relationship into a slave/Mistress type of relationship with the woman in complete charge.

Female Led Relationship

Increases excitement.
Most men who desire to be controlled by their girlfriends do so to derive more happiness and excitement in the relationship. The idea of having a girl control and totally dominate their lives appeals to them and they succumb to playing the submissive role. Some men who also have a hard time making decisions in life, also get excited when the decision making burden has been taken off their shoulder and made by the girlfriend. Some women who are not afraid of making tough decisions contribute to making the relationship work better by taking full control.

No matter how wrong a girlfriend led relationship may seem to some people, there are many men out there who love and enjoy every moment of having their girlfriend in charge. They find nothing wrong with serving and obeying under total dominance and they even consider it more romantic. The reason why some men desire this type of relationship may not be completely comprehensive, but what matters is that their desires and expectations are being met. The advantages of a girlfriend led relationship are not limited to the ones that I discussed above as there are numerous other outcomes that the partners consider as a positive result. So if you have been thinking of getting involved in a girlfriend led relationship, there are many positive reasons and advantages.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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