men need to be disciplined.

A Woman will often need to inflict punishment on a submissive male in a Female controlled relationship. The form and severity of the punishment will be decided by the Female. Punishment of the male may be verbal, sexual or physical. Some Women will punish the man for every mistake, even the smallest of mistakes. Most women just use verbal punishment, but others are more into inflicting physical punishment. Punishment is a great way for a Female to teach the man to be more obedient and under Her control. Many Women also enjoy to use humiliation as a form of punishment and love to humiliate their man in public. Punishment is something that men expect when getting involved in a Female led relationship and it is something that Women are good at doing to a man. If you are in need of regular strict discipline then a Dominatrix can administer that You. Many men need strict discipline to keep them submissive and obedient to a Woman. Discipline is part of a relationship involving Domination and submission. Discipline can take many forms from verbal to a whipping.

The use of a rattan cane in discipline is a common tool for many Dominatrix. Other forms of discipline may include humiliation or dressing the man in female clothes. When a Dominatrix decides to discipline a submissive it is often fast and brutal. A Dominatrix often knows what form of discipline and how much will work best with a submissive. Some submissive men need more discipline then other men. Some men may need to see a Dominatrix every week for regular discipline. A very experienced Dominatrix knows the correct way to inflict maximum discipline on the submissive. The Dominatrix will often have a large range of tools to inflict various types of discipline to the submissive.

For most people not involved in the BDSM lifestyle, the idea of pain being a major part of the culture of BDSM play is quite prevalent. People associate the erotic activities only with the sadomasochistic elements. And while this is certainly a glaring misconception as not all, or not even most BDSM activities involve pain, there are a few situations that do. One such activity involves Dominants that wish to train and mold their submissive partners through discipline. For this situation, corporal punishment is one of the oldest, most common forms of discipline, and it can be used to create greater adherence to the chosen roles in the relationship or play session.

Corporal punishment involves physical activities that cause real, sensory, physical pain and are given in direct response to an infraction of the rules or disobedient behavior. In BDSM this is usually accomplished through floggings, canings, whippings, strappings or other forms of beatings administered while the slave is in a position of submission, either bonded or not. Stokes are most commonly aimed at the buttocks, thighs, back, feet or hands, with the location, amount, and severity of strokes being determined by the Dominant based on the slaveís infractions. Floggings, however, must be severe enough to raise pain and not just stimulate the skin, although serious and severe injury should be avoided by controlling the amount of force used during the act of punishment.

For partners in a Dom/Sub relationship, corporal punishment is a way to reinforce the roles played by each. Dominants can derive great pleasure from correcting behavior in disobedient, obstinate submissives, knowing that they are helping place them on a path that will lead to greater happiness and harmony in the future. Dominants also love the feelings of power and control that come with being able to wield this type of punishment, although not all Dominants enjoy seeing their slaves writhe in pain. Pleasure mostly comes from the sheer intoxicating emotions of having this power over somebody, and being able to change the course of someone elseís life through implementation of corporal punishment.

Submissive partners will typically view corporal punishment as a necessary and unpleasant aspect of the lifestyle, and they accept and consent to it because they know that it will improve their behaviors and attitudes. Slaves on the whole do not enjoy corporal punishment, but for those that do, their Mistress will have to find different methods of punishment because pain obviously will not be effective as a corrective tool. Typical slaves, however, will correct their behavior and do nearly anything to avoid a repeat of corporal punishment. But while they do not enjoy the actual pain, submissive partners do respond well to the feelings of being controlled and being dominated, and they thrive on the emotions that accompany the floggings.

Corporal punishments also serve to strengthen the bonds of this type of relationship. There is a great deal of trust that must be placed in the Dominantís hands to ensure that the Slave does not get injured or emotionally damaged beyond what they can handle. When corporal punishments are administered correctly and safely, Slaves feel gratification towards their Masters, and Masters show great love and compassion for their Submissive partners.

It may seem like itís just another kinky tool in the BDSM file, but corporal punishment can really bring together a BDSM couple and reinforce their roles of power in a way that strengthens and affirms their relationship.

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