All husbands should serve as a maid in the house.

Many men in a Female controlled relationship are serving as a maid in the house.

What sort of maid and when the man serves as a maid will be decided by the Female.

The man may be dressed up in a maids outfit with stockings and high heel shoes.

He may also be required to serve as a maid in front of other people who visit the house.

In a marriage the wife will often set out a serious of tasks for the husband maid to complete each week

These tasks may include do all the house cleaning, washing and ironing and preparing the meals.

Any husband that fails to serve as a maid to the high expectations of the Wife with be disciplined.

When a Dominatrix needs Her house cleaned she will often use a sissy maid.

A sissy maid is a submissive man that is often dressed in a French Maid outfit and wear high heels.

The way the sissy is dressed and the type of training and duties will depend on the Dominatrix.

A dominatrix may also use the strapon on a sissy maid as part of the training.

Most sissy are kept in chastity.

It must be remembered that the aim of being a sissy maid is to serve your Dominatrix.

A sissy maid has much to learn if he is going to satisfy the demands of his Dominatrix.

Embarrassment and humiliation is common for the sissy maid as they are often paraded in front of other people.

They may be required to serve as a maid for the friends of the Dominatrix.

Or serve drinks during a party.

A sissy maid should have no body hair and this can be removed through waxing.

Nails should of course be painted.

Learning to serve as a sissy maid takes time and effort, but with the right training you will soon be serving your Dominatrix.

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