In some Female controlled relationships the use of sexual denial can be a tool to control the man or even as a form of discipline.

Other Women may use sexual denial as a form of training their man in other areas of a relationship.

It should be kept in mind that some men do not care about sexual denial and are sometimes even more happy to go without then the woman.

Depending how strong are the sexual needs and desires of the man will be relevant to how strong the tool of sexual desire becomes.

Sexual denial may last for days, weeks or even years.

It should be noted that sexual denial is not something that is just simply a case of saying no.

There is much more involved in the way denial is carried out by the Woman.

In many cases the Woman may keep the man locked in chastity during sexual denial.

Female dominant relationships offer a unique and beneficial dynamic for both the woman in command and the submissive man. The woman relishes in the power and control of being in charge of all aspects of the relationship, and the man enjoys the freedom and trust that come from being able to be led completely with no responsibility. This configuration extends through all aspects of the coupleís lives, from decisions about chores and finances to where to live and where to vacation. But one of the most interesting and influential aspects of a female dominant relationship is in the bedroom.

The Domme can hold tremendous power and control over her submissive man through the sexual realm, one of the most highly intimate and psychologically significant parts of this power balanced relationship. But what is often misunderstood is the fact that this is not done because the woman has a sinister love of punishing or tormenting her submissive partner. The reality of the situation is actually quite the opposite. And while the Domme does derive pleasure from asserting control and power over the man, she is typically using her power to help the submissive react, obey and trust her more. This creates a more powerful Dominant and submissive relationship, leading to harmony and happiness by both partners.

What typically happens is that the woman will deny the submissive sexual pleasure, often known as orgasm denial. This can be complete denial of any sexual activity, including masturbation, until she allows it. She may also stimulate the man with touching and teasing until the man gets to the point of orgasm, then denies him the release of finishing. The Domme can also then provide sexual stimulation and orgasm when the submissive man has pleased her in some way or obeyed her wishes. While this may seem mean or vicious, it is done out of a place of love and trust, and to further the Dommeís role in the relationship.

A man that is being deprived of wanted sexual activity becomes more attentive to the womanís needs, and he will do whatever it takes to get that sexual stimulation. He becomes more obedient and more loyal. And he begins to understand that sexual activity or an orgasm is not an entitlement but a gift. Think about this. For women it takes longer to become stimulated, and it is dependent on other factors such as mood and energy levels. She needs to be treated well outside of the bedroom to want to hop into the bedroom, but most men donít understand this as they can orgasm in just a few minutes with very little stimulation. Once the man understands that he needs to do things to please the woman to help her become stimulated and reach orgasm, both parties will end up more satisfied in the bedroom. So many men in traditional relationships do not understand this and leave their female partners unsatisfied. Female controlled relationships teach the man how to please a woman, making him a better lover and a better, more obedient man in general through sexual deprivation. This extends beyond the bedroom as well. It creates a situation where the man, hoping for a gift of sexual pleasure, will treat the woman better, will trust her, will follow the rules and decisions she lays out for him without questions, and he will treat her by going above and beyond expectations. This fulfills his submissive desires, her dominant desires, and the overall strength of the relationship, building a trust that cannot be broken.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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