Starting a Female Led Relationship can be daunting, especially if one partner is more interested than the other or if one partner isnít even sure if the other would want this type of relationship. For some people, even mentioning this type of arrangement can be a deal breaker and ruin the basis for the existing relationship. So how do you start a new Female Led Relationship so that it works and blossoms into a wonderful relationship?

The hardest part by far is introducing the idea of an FLR to a reluctant or oblivious partner. The best way to do this is for the interested partner to bring up t he topic slowly. Mention that you have a friend that talked to you about it and you wanted to find out more, and maybe start by discussing BDSM in general and feelings of domination and submission. That might be a good time to then watch a few FLR videos online that depict the aspects of the relationship that youíre interested in. If your partner shows interest in this type of arrangement, you can then suggest going to a BDSM play space together or an FLR support group where you can meet other couples living this way. If your partner is willing to go this far, then you can discuss implementing BDSM activities of domination and submission into your lives.

Once you and your partner have both shown interest in FLR, you can then begin to play around with your chosen roles. And it doesnít have to start in the bedroom, although this can be a great place to begin exploring. Women can start to set household rules and require her man to do things for her that she desires while the man learns to follow rules and be more attentive to his partnerís desires. It may also be wise for each partner to meet with other Dommes and Submissives and talk about the lifestyle and what they can expect to gain from t ransitioning their current relationship into an FLR. Donít be afraid to really go for it during this trial phase either, because you want to be sure that this is what you really want before committing to it.

After the this trial phase where partners play with domination and submission both in the bedroom and out, each person needs to decide if an FLR is right for t hem. When you discuss this, make sure you are in a safe space where you can talk openly and freely without judgements or retributions. If you wish to proceed to a full FLR, begin discussing and formalizing a contract that outlines the roles of each partner and sets limits and conditions that need to be followed. If, however, FLR is not right for both people, discuss how you can meet the more i nterested partnerís needs for domination/submission in a way that is healthy for t he relationship, and donít take it personally. FLR is not for everyone. But if you and your partner experiment with it and find that you love it, go for it. FLR can be the most satisfying, most fulfilling way to live out your deepest desires and dreams. It can be hard to get started, but if youíre really interested and approach i t slowly, it can certainly work for you and your partner.

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