Many marriages involve having a submissive husband, a situation where the man is the lesser partner and follows orders and commands from his wife. There are, of course, varying degrees of submission, but at the very least, the man will be obedient to his Dominant wife and will follow her lead absolutely. But this obedience doesn’t just happen overnight. Submissive men must be trained by their Dominant wives. This training covers many aspects of submission, and it seeks to ensure that the husband is properly obedient, leading to a happiness and contentment in submission that is desired by these men.

Basic submissive training involves men learning the proper way to do the simple tasks that their wives demand, such as housework. For a husband to be truly submissive, not only does he complete the tasks that his wife demands, he must do them in a way that meets her high standards. Often times the wife will assign tasks with complex instructions just to see how attentive her husband is. If her standards are not met, she will punish her husband and demand he complete the task properly. Punishment can include anything from doing the task over and over again many times to reinforce the proper way to do it, to verbal and physical reprimands. Submissive training often works best when the punishment fits the crime, however, and most punishments will seek to reinforce correct behavior.

Another level of submissive training is attitude and obedience training. While these men desire submission, many are not always completely ready for the emotional and psychological demands it can place on them. If the submissive husband has a bad attitude, is insubordinate, talks back, acts out or otherwise isn't submitting mentally, his Dominant wife may use training methods to change his mental attitude. This includes things such as verbal humiliation, or washing his mouth out with soap.

The most intense submissive husband training that is used by many couples can include things like chastity belts for men, strapon training, and denial. These methods seek to change the motivations of the men. Once a man has become a submissive husband, his needs are secondary to hers. He needs to learn to refocus his own energy, and often times this takes having his urges suppressed or controlled. When the man has his desires suppressed, he can focus and concentrate on what she wants, and it makes him more obedient and attentive to his wife.

While a lot of the submissive training involves punishment and correction of behavior, there is an equal element of reward and satisfaction. When submissive males are doing well with their training and are being obedient, they are rewarded by their wives with love, attention, and release. Many men find that this is extremely gratifying, and the rewards are that much more powerful because they are truly earned. Submissive husbands will go through all the punishments just to get to that point of reward, and they relish in those moments when they have truly pleased their wives 100%.

Submissive training is absolutely necessary in a relationship where the wife is in power as it seeks to create harmony and peace in the relationship. If trained properly, the husband is calm, happy, and proud to serve his wife, and this sense of happiness and peace is what the wife led relationship is all about.

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