Some Women like to have two men in a relationship. Often this is a Female led relationship where both the men are submissive and aware that the Woman is in a relationship with both of them.

They may all live together in the same house or the Woman may live with one man and have the other visit when She wants him. It may also be that the Woman may have other lovers as well from time to time.

In bed the Woman may have both the lovers with Her in order to please Her. The men will understand that sex will be for Her pleasure. A Woman will need good skills to manage a relationship with two men and may need to spend more time at training the men.

Many dominant Women will tell you that it is much nicer to have two men then only one.

These Women have found great satisfaction from having three in a relationship.

The most important is that the Woman is in total control of the relationship.

In a relationship where there are two men who are involved with one woman and the men are submissive and they are also aware that they are both involved with one woman, there is a big chance of the relationship being happy. This is because it will be the woman who will be giving direction because she is the dominant figure in the relationship. Again this kind of a relationship has a big chance of lasting because mostly it is always the men who are dominant in most relationships and men always are the ones that fail the relationship which leads to most relationships breaking down. Now, if it will be the woman who is the dominant figure and the two men are submissive, then this type of relationship will last long.

Women controlled relationships have been around for quite some time now, but recently there has been an upsurge of more of these kinds of relationships. The driving factor for this developing trend of more women controlled relationships may be attributed to the fact that more and more women have been economically and socially empowered. Economic empowerment has given more women more leverage on several aspects of the social life. These days more and more women are working as CEOs of big companies, managers, and so their economic influence has also risen. This has led more women to take charge in a relationship and more men have learnt to be submissive.

The advantages of a woman controlled relationship or marriage is that the dominant wife or woman in the relationship will always make sure that the needs that are to be done at home are done at the right time. This is because women are always considered to be better planners than men, they are good at juggling lots of work at once. Men are always are focused on one particular task in a given time and lack the ability to handle several tasks. You will find that in a relationship where the woman is dominant, the woman will decide what is good for her man and then she will proceed to order her man to do what she wants. She will make follow up checks to ensure that what she ordered is done in the right manner.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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