In a Female controlled relationship a man may be required to wear some form of a collar. The collar shows that he is the property of the Woman he serves and obeys. A collar is often worn around the neck but may sometimes be worn around the arm or ankle. Men who wear a collar will also often be required to wear a chastity device. The Female will decide if the man is to wear a collar and what type of collar. Though in some cases the man may ask if he is allowed to wear a collar. The collar remains the property of the Woman if the relationship comes to an end. The collar may include a mark or some wording that indicates the man is a submissive or slave to his Wife.

Whether for playtime only or as a sign of serious commitment, slave collars are a powerful symbol in the BDSM world. A collared person is a sign of power for the Dominant owner of that slave, and the submissive wearing the collar can often feel great pride in being fully owned by their Mistress. But there is often more significance to wearing a collar, and there are many different meanings associated with collaring at different points in the BDSM relationship, although it is always a sign of trust, commitment, and honor that both physically and emotionally influences the couple’s relationship.

The first level of collaring is the Collar of Consideration. This can be a thinner, lighter, less obtrusive collar that is only worn during the submissive’s periods of service to their Dominant. Collars like this are typically used in dungeon play sessions where a Domme and submissive are first getting to know one another. The Dominant may place the collar on the submissive so that it is known in public that they are together for that session, and they can test the waters to see if they are a good fit. Even though the level of overall commitment is low, while the Collar of consideration is around the neck of the submissive, the control of the Dominant is absolute.

For BDSM couples that chose to move into a courtship phase, the Training Collar may be used, and acts almost like an engagement ring. The submissive may wear a Training Collar part-time or full-time depending on the wishes of the Dominant, but it is not permanent. The commitment level is higher with this collar, and the relationship of the couple will begin to intensify.

Finally when a Dom/sub couple is ready to commit fully and completely, the slave Collar will be awarded to the submissive. This represents a lifetime commitment, and the slave cannot be released unless extenuating circumstances occur. The Dominant is no longer the Mistress, they are the Owner and retain full rights and responsibility of the submissive slave. This is a true show of power for the Dominant, and it is a huge reward and sign of pride for the submissive as they have been obedient and trustworthy enough to warrant a lifetime commitment. Many slave collars are permanent or heavy duty enough that they cannot be removed easily, although for couples that maintain a vanilla relationship outside of their own home, the slave collar may be less restrictive so that the submissive can go to work and run errands without being socially ostracized in traditional society. Any couple that reaches this level has demonstrated a true love of the Dom/sub lifestyle, and they value each other in their respective roles.

There are couples and pairing that use slave collaring outside of BDSM relationships for sex play and humiliation play. These activities often occur in play dungeons for short periods of time. They don’t hold the same weight and significance as true slave Collars, although the physical and emotional feelings of being controlled and led almost like a pet may still remain, and the Dominant and submissive players will still get a sense of satisfaction from this type of work together, however temporary.

Slave collaring is a very powerful thing, and BDSM couples cannot take the act of collaring lightly. It is a sign of true commitment, true dedication, and even true ownership. Both the Dominant and the submissive will find great satisfaction and pleasure in reaching this point in their relationship, and it can create powerful emotions that reinforce roles and desires within the pairing that create joy for both partners.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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