Female Led Relationships (FLR) require a lot of communication, trust and hard work to ensure that both parties are fulfilling their duties and roles so that the relationship can run smoothly. Both the Dominant female and the submissive male need to fully understand the commitment they have made, and they need to constantly remain true to their respective roles in the coupling. When the male submits, obeys and ultimately allows his Domme to take control of the situation, everything else will fall into place and the relationship will feed directly into the deepest natures of both parties, allowing for a harmonious union. And while it is important that the Domme always remains in control and demonstrates her ability and desire to lead, it is actually the submissive’s ability to remain obedient that holds together their bond and ultimately determines the state of the relationship.

Much like a well trained pet that is happy because he has rules to follow and boundaries to keep him under control, a submissive man will only be truly happy when he is being obedient. Obedience pleases his Mistress, and when she is pleased, he is satisfied and calm. Submissives are proud of the service and devotion they can bring to their Dominant females, and this pride leads to a sense of overall happiness and bliss. If a submissive becomes disobedient, he also often becomes anxious, restless and agitated because he is not fulfilling his purpose as a slave. Correctly obeying orders and receiving praise for a job well done are forms of love and respect for him, and are emotions he dearly craves. Men need to be obedient in FLR relationships because it is what makes them happy, and it is the reason that they gave up control in the first place. It reinforces their submissive role, and allows them to enjoy the emotions of freedom and carelessness that they experience while being dominated.

For the Dominant woman it is absolutely necessary that the submissive obeys, as this is how she holds control and power. If she cannot get him to obey, then there is no FLR relationship, it is something dysfunctional and separate. His service reinforces her role as the captain of the ship, and it also brings about happiness and contentment for a Domme’s controlling nature. Obedience is also necessary for the woman in FLR because it gives her confidence in her decisions that affect their lives together. Without her submissive’s absolute trust, she may suddenly face self doubt or insecurities, and she may be unable to lead effectively. When a submissive obeys completely, this gives the Domme the love, compassion and strength she needs to carry the relationship on her shoulders.

One final reason for total obedience by the males in a Female Controlled Relationship is due to the gender reversal of typical roles. Women in a Female Controlled Relationship are regarded as superior, both mentally, emotionally and physically. But in most cultures throughout history, this superiority has been suppressed in favor of sheer brute strength by males. Women in a Female Controlled Relationship need their men to show that they believe they are superior by obeying completely. This display of submission, despite greater strength and the ability to overcome the female physically, creates greater trust in the relationship and allows for the Domme to do what needs to be done in terms of discipline and control without fear of being taken advantage of. It reinforces both roles being played, and allows them to continue without fear of resentment or mutiny.

A Female Led Relationship is truly based on trust, communication and understanding, and one of the most important ways this is demonstrated is through the obedience of submissive males. It must be total and absolute, but once achieved, this obedience will allow the partnership to benefit both parties, feeding into their natures and creating a truly happy, healthy pair.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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