A recent survey of over 1,000 men came up with a surprise result for many. When asked, most men stated that they preferred a Female controlled relationship. There were various reasons given as to why men wanted this type of relationship. One thing all men did agree on was that in the long run a Female controlled relationship would create stability and long lasting happiness in a marriage. Some men have indicated that prefer to be submissive and obedient under a strict Wife so a Female led marriage is a natural for them. Other men say that there is happiness because it creates harmony in the relationship and both know their roles. Many men feel that they learn how to be a good husband under a strict Wife. Other men say they have no choice and have learned over a period of time to serve and obey in a Female controlled relationship.

Most submissive men will most certainly opt for a woman controlled relationship because they will not have any difficulty being controlled by a woman. You will find that most submissive men find pleasure in being controlled by a woman. There are circumstances you will find that a man who is not submissive dated a dominant woman and then he later grows to accept such kind of a woman. Men who prefer to be in a relationship that is controlled by a woman are those that have a need to serve and obey dominant women. Some men who prefer dominant women do it because they may have admired dominant women for a very long time. Some men find it interesting to be in a relationship with a dominant woman, some say that such women give them a sense of purpose in life.

They enjoy being shown by a woman how to serve and obey a woman. Some men who have so many responsibilities out of the home will generally want to have the woman control the relationship for the obvious reasons, to delegate some of his duties to the woman so that he can have the time to attend to his many responsibilities. There are also some weak men who lack the capacity to take charge, for these kind of men, being with a woman who will be able to control him will be a sure relief for him. Such kinds of men donít always have any problem with a woman controlling them. Most women who are domineering mostly are financially endowed and there are some men who would rather be controlled by a woman and enjoy being in a relationship with a woman who is of class. These types of men are those that like being under a woman as long as the woman can take care of him in every aspect. These men will not find it hard to be bossed around by their women, instead they find it fulfilling to be under a woman. Other men will most likely want to be in a woman controlled relationship for the fun in it.

Some men also choose to be in a relationship where the woman is controlling him because he is madly in love with the woman and is scared of losing her, so he will let the woman have the upper hand so that they can remain together. This mostly happens when the woman in question is the one with the least interest in the relationship and so the man must continue pleasing her in order for the relationship to continue. There are also some men who will opt for the woman to be in control of the relationship because they see the women as their goddess and so they will want them to be the ones to take charge. Some men are democratic and will not have any problem with letting their women to be the ones to take charge of the relationship because they feel being controlled by a woman is good for the relationship.

While it is most common in todayís society for a relationship to be led by a man or for it to be an equal partnership, there are many men that desire a Female Led Relationship. A Female Led Relationship is an arrangement where the woman is in complete and total control of the coupleís lives, from making the rules of the house, making decisions that affect both parties, and deciding what activities to do. Most Female Led Relationships also involve aspects of BDSM, with the man serving the woman and obeying her orders. He is submissive to her, treating her as a revered goddess, and is willing to accept training, obedience, and punishment should she desire it. He will always defer to her orders, no matter how extreme they may be, and he will trust her completely, allowing her to take the lead.

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Men have many different motivations for choosing this type of relationship, and no two men ever desire Female Led Relationships for exactly the same reason. Like any matter of the heart, itís a complex and confusing web that has led to this desire, but once itís taken root, it can become an obsession. Men that desire Female Led Relationships but are not currently engaged in this type of arrangement may be afraid to talk about it with their partners as they feel shame, guilt, or shyness about the desire, and they may try to bring it up but then minimize the importance of this desire in their lives. But even if they are awkward, shy, or shamed about their desire, itís a very real part of their mindset that must be considered carefully.

If youíre currently with a man that has suggested a Female Led Relationship (or even the idea of dominance during intimate play sessions), itís important to understand that his desires are powerful and real, and that if they are left unfulfilled, he may never be truly happy. But as a woman thatís not naturally dominant, it can also be scary and intimidating. Many women know nothing of BDSM other than the ubiquitous images of whips and chains. Knowing the true desires behind your male partnerís wish for a Female Led Relationship can often times help bring clarity, understanding, and acceptance to the situation. Female Led Relationships are just like any other desire, and once you can understand why he wants this type of situation, you can also work out what needs to be done to help fulfill his needs.

Many males struggle with the idea that they must be the dominant party at all times, according to society. A lot of times, men that desire Female Led Relationships are powerful leaders at work, and they want nothing more than to come home and have the situation reversed. Allowing themselves to surrender helps them cope with the stresses of life at the job, and it gives them a certain sense of freedom and release when they are finally allowed to follow orders instead of give them. Even for men that are not dominant outside the home, the ability to surrender his control can be powerful. He may or may not want to be dominated, but he does want to be told what to do and how to do it because he craves order and the ability to shed the responsibilities of life and surrender to the control of a powerful female.

Men want to please their female partners. Men that desire Female Led Relationships simply want to please their partners more than most, and are willing to engage in this type of special relationship because they know that it will allow them to serve her as a goddess. Many men struggle with confidence issues, not feeling that they are fulfilling the needs of their female partners. Female Led Relationships are a way for them to know, without the shadow of a doubt, that they are indeed doing exactly what she needs and wants at all times. This brings about immense sense of satisfaction and contentment and can allow the man to feel pleasure, pride, and joy in his efforts to be the ideal partner for his female partner.

Similar to a desire to surrender, some men simply need to be vulnerable to truly experience intimate pleasure with their partners. They may feel disconnected to their lives and to their partners, and by introducing an element of vulnerability that comes from giving up their control on the situation completely, they can once again connect and become truly intimate with their partners. Some may also find greater levels of pleasure and satisfaction when they are at the mercy of the female, and it adds an element of fear and danger that heightens the experience.

Some men are just naturally submissive, and itís not always blatantly obvious. Many men have had to hide their submissiveness over the years to achieve success at school and work, but the desire may still be there. If your male partner shows any signs of natural submission, he may also be too shy or afraid to tell you about it. It may be a good idea to ask him directly in a non-threatening, understanding way about these tendencies, or to show some dominance and see how he responds. Once he is given the chance to indulge in his submissive nature, youíll be surprised at how he truly flourishes.

For men that are lazy or naturally low key, it can be hard for them to find the motivation to do what they know needs to be done. Perhaps they need to lose weight or help more around the house, but they don't because they lack motivation. Maybe they want to be the perfect partner and provide pleasure and emotional stimulation for their partners, but again they find themselves being too lazy to do what they know needs to be done. With a dominant female in their life that is calling the direction and putting him through his paces, Female Led Relationships can be the catalyst for these men to finally achieve their goals and desires in life. As you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons that men desire Female Led Relationships. If you think the man in your life may be interested in Female Led Relationships, donít be turned off or afraid of the BDSM taboo. Talk to him. Find out his motivation. Once you understand why he desires Female Led Relationships, you can help to give him what he wants and needs.

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