All men need to be changed by a woman.

It may be said that in all relationships men need to be changed by a Woman.

In a Female controlled relationship the woman is given the power to change the man in any way She wants.

One thing many women like to do is change their man and then put him for show for others to see how the man has changed under their control. Women also tend to have much higher expectations of their relationship and as such are wanting to change their partner into something that fits in with those expectations.

Changing a man it gives the Female the power in the relationship. Change makes a man submissive and obedient and is all part of a Female led relationship.

Many men also want to be changed and will often seek out a Woman that will change them.

But what are the real reasons behind why women want to change men. Seems like your partner is never satisfied with who you are. There is always something that she wants to change in you. Clothes, food, habits, anything associated with your lifestyle! Let's have a look, are you that bad to the point that you have to change?

The ego and pride seem to conquer your thoughts and have taken control of the relationship way beyond what you can imagine. But why exactly does she want you to change? And what will happen to you after changing yourself? We are definitely not talking about submissive women here, but those dominant ones. They are very demanding and intimidating too.

Let us explore quite a bit of these changes that she forces you to make and what is the reasoning behind it. Everyone wants to be successful. Do you? If you have read books on success, you would realized the importance of dressing up. Not referring to suits and ties. Just something casual, pleasant looking. Research has shown, if you dress better, you will act better. And when you act better, you will boost your self esteem. So why does she want to change the way you dress? Because that is one of the ways to help you to get on track to being successful! Not mentioning, others will respect and perceive you better.

Now let's be honest. How many times did she nag on your smoking or drinking habits? I'm sure you're tired of it. Guess what? She's tired too! I won't explain much of this. Really. You are aware of the effects too. Set that aside and think of your relationship in the long run.

Imagine the amount of money you could have saved up to go for a holiday with her, or perhaps put down a deposit for your shared apartment. Or saved for your new car? Like everyone on Earth, security is one of the aims in life. She's aiming for the security of having you in good health as well as being financially stable. She's not you , but she has treasured you to always be in a good condition. Don't you love yourself too? So you love junk food, fast food and microwave food. What's that? Food for a regular guy you say? She just hates it and wished you'd cook yourself a real meal. What's the deal? Beer belly, love handles, flabby arms and double chin to the point that the neck just disappears behind all those excesses. Not a big deal I guess? Which one are you guilty off? Relax pal, she wants you to improve your health for your own benefits. Just eat better food and become healthier. Just swapping your popcorn with roasted corns, or chips with roasted potatoes, doesn't sound hard isn't it? Your health is your number one priority. If you can't care for yours, would you be able to take care of her or someone else? And on the bright side, she knows how much you hates exercising. She has compromised way ahead of you, that is why she's just requesting to change your food habits!

She wants you to change the appearance of your apartment. It's disorganized, full of junk and messy. Your reason? You don't live with your mom, there's no maid services, you're too tired after work, or simply too busy to care about how the whole place looks like. So she started cleaning up for you and you liked it. Only for a short time until she started complaining and asked you to change. What's her reason then? Home is a place where you relax after coming back from work. However, if you go back to a cluttered and untify house, it just ruins your mood. It induces stress, makes you angry and unhappy. It may eventually affect and ruin your relationship, even though she's not staying with you. Would you want to be unhappy every time you come home? Mind you, it's not as if she wants you to repaint the whole house into hot pink for a change! It's the change that could affect your relationship, career and social life. No doubt, respecting her wishes might run you the risk of losing respect from your friends. They might even assume that you're being controlled by a woman. You might say, if she does love me for who I am, why would she even want to change me? Don't get her wrong. She does love you for who you are. Your personality and character, that's what attracted you to her. And that's also why she wants to change you in the first place. If you do understand her reasoning behind her actions, you'd realize it's not for her advantage but yours. She's there for support and to help you to achieve your goals and bring out the best in you.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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