Wife Led Marriage

Numerous women have changed their views about marriage. In this time and age, most women now dominate their marriages and take responsibilities that were conventionally meant for men. The woman makes all the decisions and the man openly accepts her authority. This certainly negates the expectations that the society has imposed that the man is the leader. It also goes against the male pride of men but some do actually desire it. There has been a social shift to modern women ruling their homes and the men donít seem to object to that. Most surveys conducted have proven that the woman does a greater percentage of the work and therefore has the right to take up the overall control of the marriage. In most households, the wife know what is best to keep the house running. Not all men that are created to lead or even make a good leader. But on the other hand, many women are good leaders with or without training. Some women believe that a wife led marriage lets them explore their natural leadership qualities and provides freedom in that expression. Some say that they have unique leadership potentials that are just perfect for a wife led marriage. Research shows that about 70 percent of men desire a wife led marriage. A wife led marriage gives the woman more control of her time, and space to do some planning about where her family should be headed and how to get there. The woman makes all the decisions and even when she asks for her husbandís opinion, she still has the last word. Women generally receive a deep pleasure in leading their household as they now not only meet their personal needs and desires but also that of their husband. They derive pleasure in giving out mundane tasks to the husband, taking control of the finances and the entire decision making of the household. Most women love being in charge, some are very bossy, domineering, controlling and very possessive. So in light of this, they prefer a husband that will be very submissive.

Many marriages today are led by the female spouse as opposed to the conventional ideology of marriage. Most women now love to be in charge and take up all the responsibilities and some men are in support of this. The wife makes decisions for her man and family in a balanced approach that both the husband and wife have agreed upon as a lifestyle. This is not surprising as there have been numerous changes in our societies over the years. Reasons why some men prefer a wife led marriage.
Many women are now self-supportive. In this day and age, most women are now capable of taking proper care of themselves without the support of their spouse. Many women can out-earn men. Some men claim that their spouse deserves to lead or that she is better at leadership. Couples decide to live in a wife led marriage for many reasons. It ranges from solving issues the couple is having to numerous others. So wife led marriages are about how decisions get made and who has the final words in decisions. Men prefer a wife led marriage for diverse individual reasons. Some say that they are tired of pushing or leading while others claim that they want a greater intimacy, but what matters is that there should be an agreement between the couple on a wife led marriage.

Most societies around the world are patriarchal. The man is in charge of the family, and what he says goes. Although there have been some very enlightened societies in history that have had females take the lead to the benefit of everyone involved. Many women even vow to honor and obey their husbands, whether they are naturally submissive or not. This can lead to conflict and chaos, especially when the men in charge either don't want to lead the relationship or the woman finds being submissive is not to her liking. Many women find that submitting to a manís authority to be wrong, and they demand more control of both their own destiny and the destiny of their relationships. At the same time, many men find that they want to submit to the power of women. They worship the feminine mystique, and they yearn for a powerful woman to take charge and lead the way. And while most couples will just struggle in a traditional marriage because they feel bound by the norms of society, other couples have decided to choose something different that suits them better. Wife Led Marriages are a way for these couples to pair up and live the way they truly desire. Many of these desires may begin in the bedroom with kink play, but it grows and deepens into something greater. When the urge for domination and submission grows, people turn to BDSM lifestyles, and for a Dom/Sub couple that finds one another and choose to marry can find great joy in a Wife Led Marriage.

Wife Led Marriages are exactly as they sound, a marriage where the wife leads the way completely and totally. She makes the financial decision, she decides whether to work or stay at home, she decides whether the man works away from the home, she decides what the couple does in their spare time, and she chooses the direction the coupleís lives will move in. For Dominant women, this is the ultimate achievement of their desires as she gets to be in control at all times. For powerful women that want the freedom that comes from independence and making their own rules yet yearn for the comforts of a companion in marriage, a wife led marriage can provide great joy.

For Submissive men there is also great joy in a Wife Led Marriage. Submissive men crave being the freedom that comes from being told what to do, and in a wife led marriage where they are always under the control of their wife, they can blissfully ignore the pressures of society and just follow the rules. Many Submissive men note a sense of calmness that comes with letting their wives take the lead completely, but there is also a sense of excitement that comes from turning the typical balance of power on its head that leads men to choose this lifestyle.

The men and women in Wife Led Marriages are truly living out their deepest desires and natural urges by allowing themselves to accept their roles within this relationship. This brings great peace and happiness that traditional marriages just canít offer people with Dom/Sub tendencies. If you and your partner love, trust, and respect one another, thatís all that matters. And a wife led marriage can bring these couples a truly happy, harmonious relationship that allows them to deeply love each other and their own selves. A wife led marriage appeals to many men who secretly desire to be dominated by their Wife.

Society may tell us that all men want to be in charge, that they are the dominant gender, and that men want to be the kings of their castles and run their families as they see fit. But in many marriages, the women actually end up in charge, whether itís a formal agreement or not. Most women display leadership characteristics naturally, and through years of grooming and practice, have all the skills necessary to lead an entire household on their own. Even when men think theyíre in charge and think theyíre the ultimate providers for their family, itís not usually the case. Most men ignore this reality and take pride in being the head of the house, much to the dismay of the wife who may end up dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Some men, however, realize that while they may be an integral part of their household, they arenít really in charge, and they agree to a formal Wife Led Marriage. A Wife Led Marriage can bring trust, love, security, and a sense of joy to the marriage that is otherwise missing when the womanís Dominant desires are suppressed, and many men find that their overall happiness goes up when they let go and let the woman take the lead.

Men that realize how amazing and powerful a Wife Led Marriage can be truly get to reap the benefits of a better marriage. Men want to live this lifestyle because it gives them the relationship they truly desire instead of a shallow, tenuous relationship that is prone to struggles and arguments. Wife Led Marriages are peaceful and loving, and they are based on trust and cooperation. Men in Wife Led Marriages feel much more secure and are less prone to infidelity than in traditional arrangements, and this is not just because the woman would never allow cheating. These men become the perfect lovers for their wives. They learn how to adapt and meet her needs, both in and out of the bedroom, and in turn she reciprocates with love, affection, and praise for her perfect mate. Both the husband and wife become closer and more bonded when the woman is satisfied, and men in Wife Led Marriages crave this truly loving feeling.

Wife Led Marriage

Another reason a man might prefer a Wife Led Marriage is that he recognizes that his wife is the more powerful, more accomplished partner, and he wants to follow her lead. Men in these relationships are not mooches or lazy, freeloading individuals that wish for an easy pathway in life, but they may not be natural leaders. They may be men that enjoy being told what to do, free of the consequences of deciding things for themselves. Others are powerful leaders at work or in the military, and being able to come home to a safe place where they can finally stop, take a breath, and not be the one making the tough decisions is desirable. Many men truly do not desire to be the leaders, especially in household affairs, and Wife Led Marriages can allow these men to take a step back, let their wives take the reins, and still reap the benefits of a successful household. Wife Led Marriages are not for every couple, but for those that realize the love, trust, and overall sense of satisfaction that can be found when the woman is allowed to take charge and have her needs met completely, it can be an ideal situation for everyone.

Have you been considering a Female Led Marriage, but you werenít entirely sure if youíd be happy with the lifestyle? Many men are afraid of getting involved in an Female Led Marriage because theyíre afraid of the unknown, but they end up missing out on what could be the best, most fulfilling relationship theyíve ever experienced. A Female Led Marriage is a great way for Dominant and submissive partners to create a strong, loving, passionate relationship. A Female Led Marriage can bring couples together in ways that vanilla marriages just canít compete with. But for men that are new or are unsure, it can be a scary decision.

So what are some of the benefits of a Female Led Marriage, and why should you choose this lifestyle for you and your partner? Many women are naturally dominant, naturally superior. Theyíve been forced to hide their true talents and desires for dominance because itís not the norm in society, but the tendencies and desires are there. When you agree to a Female Led Marriage, you give your wife permission to take the lead. Many women, once given this leadership role, will truly flourish and blossom. You will find that your wife becomes more than just a woman, she becomes a goddess. You may actually end up falling in love with her all over again once you see this new, confident, empowered side of her, a side that she rarely shows the rest of the world. Most men in a Female Led Marriage note that their wives become sexier, more attractive and more capable women once given a taste of power, and they carry themselves regally and rise to the challenges presented to them. What man doesnít want to be in the presence of this type of powerful woman?

As her husband, youíre the one thatís going to have the privilege of worshipping her, so give her the power to be that goddess and let her rise to the occasion. Menís lives are full of responsibility. There are always a million different things that need to be done and a huge amount of pressure placed on menís heads to get them all done. You have the be the provider. You have to make the big decisions that affect lives. And honestly, it can be stressful. When you enter into a Female Led Marriage, you, as the man, are no longer responsible for the day to day decisions within your home. You donít have to take responsibility for the big and little things that affect everyone around you, you can simply follow your wifeís lead and let her take charge. This experience can be completely and utterly freeing, a truly blissful feeling of freedom like nothing else youíve experienced. Man in a Female Led Marriage find that the more their wives take control and tighten their reins, the more blissful and weightless they feel. This ability to float away and escape from the daily stress can be exactly what a man in todayís stressful world truly needs. A Female Led Marriage is not about kink, but that certainly is an element of the relationship that can be of great benefit. Dominant and submissive play is very powerful, and many men experience their greatest joy and pleasure when they are serving a Wife, completely submissive in bed. And while many women have never considered being Dominant, once they are give then chance, they rise to the occasion. You might just find that your wife becomes a Dominatrix, and what could be more exciting? Female Led Marriage couples certainly donít have any lack of fun in the bedroom, and it can be a way to have a more fulfilling, more exciting relationship.

Many men choose to live in a Wife Led Marriage, an arrangement where the female partner is completely in charge of the relationship. She controls the finances, dictates the chores, makes the decisions and the rules, and often demands obedience, respect, and devotion from her male partner. While it is quite obvious why a powerful woman would want this type of relationship, it can he hard for people outside of the BDSM community to understand why a man would consent to this arrangement. But the men that choose to live in Wife Led Marriages find this to be an ideal situation, and many discover true happiness and fulfillment for the first time in their lives. But why do these men prefer to live in this arrangement?

Men in Wife Led Marriages choose these types of relationships for many reasons, the most common being that they are attracted and enamored with powerful women. These men recognize the amazing potential and power females possess, and they feel most comfortable when in the presence of a Dominant woman. They want to serve her, they want to take care of her completely, and they want her admiration and respect, even if that means allowing her to have total control of their lives. But they give up their control for the privilege of acknowledging her female dominance and being allowed to be in a relationship with a woman so gifted.

Many men also prefer Wife Led Marriages because they no longer have to make decisions and take responsibility for their choices. They may have important jobs where they are in charge all day long, and they simply cannot handle any more commitment. A Wife Led Marriage allows these men to let go and release all of their stress and responsibilities once they are at home. They don't have to decide where to go, what to do, when to eat, or what chores they should tackle. Their wives will make all of these decisions for them, and they simply follow through on the path set out for them. It can be extremely freeing, and many men naturally crave this submission.

Some men in Wife Led Marriages are prefer the more diverse, more interesting life that this type of relationship presents. They may be interested in more taboo, more kinky aspects of the relationship, and this arrangement allows them to act out their desires and fantasies. These desires include being dominated and punished in the bedroom, bondage, sissy training, and chastity training. Other men also find satisfaction in the evocative motherly role their wives take on. The Wife Led Marriage allows men to truly explore their desires, and men prefer this freedom to give in to their fantasies with dominant, powerful women.

Many men find that engaging in a Wife Led Marriage allows them to truly live out their desires, and they prefer this to a vanilla relationship. Not all men allow themselves to act out on their submissive tendencies, but those that do by choosing a Wife Led Marriage are able to fully and completely satisfy their needs and desires.

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