Humiliation both private and public is something many Women love to do to a man both in private and in public.

The humiliation may be verbal or physical and may be mild or extreme.

Women often enjoy to humiliate their partner in public in front of other people.

Humiliation is often a good way of training the man to be more submissive and obedient.

Many men love the feeling of being humiliated by a Woman and may even ask for that.

If your in a relationship it is a good idea to talk about humiliation and the ways that the Woman may be able to humiliate the man.

Heavy and constant humiliation can lead to a very happy relationship.

The use verbal humiliation is very common when a dominant woman is training and humiliating a submissive man.

The type of verbal humiliation and the intensity will vary depending upon the dominant woman.

For many submissive men they find that having a dominant woman verbally humiliate them is sexually exciting.

These same men report that the verbal humiliation soon trains them to become more obedient as well.

Verbal humiliation may be carried out in a strict loud voice by the dominant woman or in a soft tone.

Each dominant woman has their own style of delivering their humiliation on a submissive man.

Some verbal humiliation is prolonged over long periods of time and designed to break down any resistance the submissive has.

Insults may be used as part of verbal abuse.

Degrading references about the submissive is another way.

In a role play situation the type of verbal humiliation may be agreed on both both before starting.

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