Slapping the face of a man is sometimes part of a Female led relationship. In fact man men accept that their face will be slapped by a dominant Woman as part of a relationship. Slapping is a great way to discipline the man and keep him obedient. Some women may slap the man only once in a while but other women slap the face of the man every day. Some Women slap the man really hard while others do it more soft and erotic.

Slapping the mans face can be done both in private and in public. Some women may want to slap the mans face in front of his male friends. Slapping can be an important part of a Female led relationship and the Woman will not always need a reason to slap the man in the face. Sometimes She will slap him around for no reason at all.

Face slapping is a practice that raises emotions and is an often misunderstood practice that people either love or hate, and it creates intense, powerful emotions that cannot be overlooked. Face slapping techniques can vary wildly, but the gesture is always an expression of sheer power and control, highlighting the dominance of the individual administering the stroke. Face slapping can be used as a part of slave training as a means of punishment or discipline, or as part of a play scene, part of a relationship, or as part of humiliation play. Slaps delivered to the face carry not only extreme levels of physical pain, the psychological associations make a lasting impression as well, and when used properly by two consenting adults that are partial to humiliation and corporal punishment, can be a powerful tool.

Face slapping is an extremely intimate act, and allowing someone to enter into your own space and strike your face is extremely personal in a way that slaps to the buttocks, thighs, or back simply is not. When a Dominant Mistress intentionally slaps a slave in the face, they are sending the message that not only are they the person with the ultimate level of authority, but that they can do as they wish to their slave without any limits. Face slapping is extremely painful, and it is also extremely dangerous.

Emotional face slapping carries an even greater weight. It is the ultimate act of degradation, the ultimate manifestation of a loss of power and dignity. For some submissive partners this is a desired humiliation that allows them to release their own negative emotions in a cathartic way, allowing them to atone for guilt they may feel or blame they place on themselves. In Humiliation scenarios as part of BDSM training and lifestyle, the face slap might trigger emotions too powerful or too negative to overcome. Face slapping should be discussed when partners are first entering into a Dom/Sub relationship, and if you’re not sure how you or your partner feel about face slapping, watch some scenes where other consenting couples engage in face slapping and see how you react.

As with any physically painful, emotionally powerful act in BDSM, communication is key. When face slapping is used properly by couples that desire it, it can be a wonderful release of emotion and excitement that rejuvenates both submissive and Mistress and brings them closer together. But when used improperly or attempted for those that find it too degrading and too negative, it can end relationships and scare people away from BDSM practices altogether. The controversial nature of face slapping comes from these negative experiences, and should be strictly avoided if the submissive does not want face slapping to be a part of their experience. For Doms and subs that do enjoy the emotions and pain involved, however, it can be a safe, effective way to train, play, and grow together.

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