All men should be made to wear a chastity device.

A Female controlled relationship will often involve the woman controlling the mans sexual activities. Part of that control often includes making the man wear a chastity device. There are various types of chastity devices on the market and the Woman will decide which one She wants the man to wear. The man may only wear the chastity from time to time or he may be kept in a permanent chastity device. Some husbands will be kept in chastity while the Wife has other lovers. Many Women feel a great pleasure knowing their man is sitting at home locked in chastity while they are out with their lovers. Chastity is a great way for a Woman to train a man and keep him obedient. Most men who enter a Female led relationship expect and even welcome the pleasure of wearing a chastity device for a Woman.

Submissive males are at the mercy of their Mistress both emotionally and physically. They are expected to serve and worship their Dominant women, and put her needs and desires first at all times. But when it comes to arousal, it can be difficult for men to let their own desires take a backseat, especially if they are new to the lifestyle. And sometimes submissive men just need a reminder of their place in the relationship with their Dominant woman. For this a Dominant woman can employ a chastity device, a mechanism that fits over the male and prevents him from any form of pleasure. It may sound harsh, but the use of such a device can actually create harmony and bliss in a relationship and bring pleasure to both the submissive male and his Dominant Mistress.

Dominant women most often employ chastity devices on male submissives to control the manís sexual desires and recalibrate them so that the submissive takes care of her needs completely before engaging in any pleasure himself. He will be forced to wear a chastity device while bringing her to orgasm, learning how and what she prefers sexually so that he can please her. After repeated training with a chastity device, a submissive male will be able to remain focused on her needs and desires without the device, and he may even be permitted to experience some pleasure himself, if his Mistress wishes it. Chastity belts are also used by Dominant women as punishment for something that has displeased her, physically or emotionally, to prevent the submissive from touching himself or experiencing any arousal. This reinforces her role as the Dominant member of the relationship, and can cause her own arousal from the power she holds over her submissive.

chastity device

Chastity Device

Submissive males may not always enjoy the uncomfortable feelings they get from wearing such a chastity device, but they will crave the results. Submissive males want nothing more than to please their Mistress, and being able to learn to please her without giving in to their own desires brings about a great sense of pride and contentment. A submissive that knows he can sexually please his Domme at will will be happy and content in the relationship. So even if getting to that point requires a chastity belt to help recalibrate his desires, he will be much happier at the end of the training. As for chastity devices being used as punishment, submissive men can also find pleasure in this situation. Feelings of guilt and shame often hide deep down in many submissive men, and they desire to be punished. A chastity device as penance for an arousal that wasn't allowed by their Mistress helps them to release their feelings of guilt and have an outlet for those emotions. It can be a cathartic experience, and one that can allow them to feel more stable in their chosen role.

Chastity belts in Female Dominant relationships are a powerful tool to place the focus back on the Domme. She will find that she can exert great control over her submissive man, and will have a much more obedient submissive that truly fulfills her every need first. Sexual desires are very powerful, and this type of control can leave lasting impressions that mold and shape the Dom/Sub relationship positively and profoundly, which is why chastity devices are so often employed in FemDom relationships.

Female Controlled Relationship

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Female Controlled Relationship

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